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Eliminated 'Bachelor' Contestant

Producers Set Me Up to Fail

Then Humiliated Me

1/7/2014 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the contestants eliminated last night on "The Bachelor" is blaming producers -- telling TMZ, they told her to act like a dumb bimbo on the show ... and then broadcast her humiliating rejection.

Kylie Lewis tells us, producers told her to do 3 things that she now believes resulted in leaving the show roseless:

--  They told her to dye her hair from strawberry blonde to red

--  They advised her to wear a pink dress instead of purple

 -- They had her tweet Juan Pablo immediately after they met for the first time ... making her look desperate


Kylie -- who's an artist -- says she had drawn a picture of Juan which she intended to give him to create a good first impression, but producers wanted a lame tweet instead, making her look like an immature ditz:

And as if getting rejected wasn't bad enough, Kylie says producers went out of their way to air her extremely embarrassing misstep on last night's show.

If you missed it, Juan selected another bachelorette (Kat) to receive a rose, and Kylie thought she heard her name ... so she walked up to get the flower. When she realized it was a mistake, she was humiliated, and she's crushed producers chose to air it ... TRANSLATION:  This chick is naive.

The rep for the show had no comment.


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Dead account Delete at will    

maybe he just didnt want a stupid tart

288 days ago


Well from reading this post, she's more than acting the dumb bimbo. You get no sympathy from me, miss desperate.

288 days ago


Seems to me she is dumb all on her own......

288 days ago


Who cares. Do losers still watch that stupid show?

288 days ago


She agreed to act dumb? Hmmm... Who's to blame, then?

288 days ago


If just being on the show wasn't humiliating enough?

288 days ago


If you are Dumb Enough to believe the show is real, You deserve what you got.

288 days ago


Man, that scene last night was awkwaaaaaard.

288 days ago


I hate you TMZ for wasting a minute of my life reading that drivel.

288 days ago

tippy katz    

The six people who actually watch the show spent the whole day thinking about what an immature ditz you seem to be. Oh, wait. You could be a freakin Rhodes Scholar, but choosing to be on the show pretty much makes you an immature ditz.

288 days ago


All these shows are scripted and if Kylie didn't want to be a part of that, sh**, don't be a part of it. Producers NEED drama and you fell for it. This isn't a top-notch Hollywood movie, it's The Bachelor, for God's sake.

Bachelor is one of the dumbest shows ever but there must be a lot of people that like watching stupidity and over-the-top make-out sessions with (get this--SPOILER ALERT) one guy and 25 women.

When does real life of The Bachelor ever happen -- oh yeah, never! It's ONLY on television.

288 days ago


If anyone believes this show or any reality shows like this one is real, they are a complete idiot.

288 days ago


How did she expect Juan Pablo to like her if she AGREED to act silly? She should have been herself in the beginning if that wasn't "her" on tv and maybe it would have turned out differently for her. You're in charge of your actions.

288 days ago


Zoolander Fail

288 days ago


Aw Boo Hoo - She is accustomed to being a humiliation recipient. This show is nothing but a glorified Pimp Brothel with desperate women standing on their hind legs for a stupid man's attention. It sets women back generations.

288 days ago
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