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Shaquille O'Neal

I Still Believe in Chris Christie

1/9/2014 11:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Longtime Chris Christie supporter Shaquille O'Neal is refusing to turn his back on the New Jersey Governor in the wake of Bridgegate -- telling TMZ, he still believes in Christie despite everything.

O'Neal -- who shot a campaign commercial for Christie last year -- called in to "TMZ Live" moments ago, explaining he believed Christie when Christie said he had NO involvement in the infamous George Washington Bridge closure that crippled Fort Lee in September.

As far as Shaq's concerned, Christie has lots of employees ... and it's very possible the Bridgegate emails -- which suggest the GWB closure was ordered as political retribution against Fort Lee's mayor -- were sent without Christie's knowledge.

As for Christie's shot at the Presidency, Shaq is urging voters to "get all the facts" before deciding to support another candidate.

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Traffic was backed up. OMG!!

Now only if the media would get around to telling the truth about Benghazi

231 days ago

BB not bb    

Since when is Shaquille Oneill a political pundit? Didn't he used to endorse Kool -Aid also with his mom? Maybe he is drinking the Kook-Aid too much now.

I heard someone say that they thought Chrisite might even have mob ties. Now didn't Oneill used to play in Chicago? Why is he so concerned with covering Christie's reputation?

I don't believe a word Christie is saying about this. If he didn't know what people were doing under him, he is a negligent leader. He is just passing the blame again.

The mayor of Fort Lee was really funny when he said that he couldn't believe that whole fiasco was put on just to prove a point to him. It is like kids in a playground politics. I think we should expect more from our leaders.

Christie is an intemperate individual. He can't control his eating, his temper, his name calling or his staff. What do we need him for, the laughs? A 90 year old grandmother even died cause the ambulances couldn't run through the traffic that was caused by his people as he says.

Do we really need more thuggery in the White House?

231 days ago



How many times has Obama claimed he didn't know what was going on around him?!

IRS targeting.... sorry, didn't know anything about it.

Obamacare website not being the least bit ready ... sorry, didn't know anything about it

Secret service agents.... sorry, didn't know anything about it.

James Clapper lying his ass off about spying on Americans.... sorry, didn't know anything about it.

Obama's list of I DIDN'T KNOW is ENDLESS

231 days ago


"Despite Everything"???? At least he had the b@lls to fire someone over it. And it was a few lanes not the whole bridge. Name one person the Obama has fired through all the scandals he has around him!!

231 days ago


STFU Shaq... I live in NJ and Christie is a narcissistic , camera loving, bully. I don't believe a word that he said. Charles Barkley and Shaq are Uncle Toms.. He is contradicting himself too. How can he defend Christie so early, yet say we should wait before judging him? His statement makes no sense and Christie is a $hitty governor who loves the limelight. This whole debacle is completely in sync with his bully personality.

231 days ago


Barbara Buono should have won the election but Obama and the Dems neglected NJ which came out in full force for Obamas 1st and 2nd reelection. I'm about to become an independent because I'm so sick of just these two $hitty parties always getting elected

231 days ago


When can we get a person in government that is for the people

231 days ago


Why is Christie under fire.. But republicans still keep bringing up Obama.. Obama is the go to republican distraction. Focus on the article ppl.. It's not about Obama.

231 days ago


People think it's just a bridge. I'm guessing those ppl don't live in NJ. It's the busiest bridge in the world. The GWB is a main way for commuters to get to work and I'm sure many ppl lost money for being hours late to work, possibly received write ups or disciplinary action for being late, mass transit would have lost money from being stuck in traffic as many ppl commute to NY by this bridge. Gas in peoples car was wasted and it impacted emergency services all to send a political message. Christie is disgusting and I'm sure he knew. It's easy to read a liars body language.

231 days ago

BB not bb    


O'Neal became a Freemason in 2011, becoming a member of Widow's Son Lodge No. 28 in Boston.[202]

O'Neal was raised by a Baptist mother and a Muslim stepfather.[191] Both Robin Wright in her book Rock the Casbah as well as the Los Angeles Times have identified O'Neal as a Muslim.[192][193][194] However, O'Neal has said, "I'm Muslim, I'm Jewish, I'm Buddhist, I'm everybody 'cause I'm a people person."[195]

Okay this is weird. He is sounding like Obama too, with the saying he is Christian while really supporting Islam. Chrisite supports Islam a lot with his political appointees and the whole charter school thing which is run by Muslims.

I have a feeling someone is paying these guys off. If it isn't the mafia, maybe it is the Muslim Brotherhood, also known as CAIR.

I really don't think Shaq spends five minutes of his own time thinking about politics. He is being paid to endorse Christie by someone.

231 days ago


And let's not forget about the woman who died because of this jam up when the ambulance couldn't get to her in time. Her blood is on Chris Christie's hands.

231 days ago


Christie is toast.

231 days ago


And people actually care what he thinks? Cris Christie is a big fat bully. Screw 'im.

231 days ago


Chris Christie Might be very scared when the Feds start to File Criminal Charges, Beginning with The Death of a Woman who could not get proper medical help.

231 days ago

Donny D    

C'mon Shaq, everyone knows only the president can claim ignorance on a variety of scandals like Bengazi, O'Bama care website failure, and NSA. If a Republican does it, they are lying s*** according to the media.

231 days ago
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