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Tori Spelling

We're Not Getting Evicted

... We Left

1/12/2014 1:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0112_eviction_notice_splash2Tori Spelling got a notice from her landlord to either pay up or get out ... but we're told Tori has already gotten out AND paid up.

Tori and her family moved out of their Tarzana house last month for more expensive digs, but there was this little matter of unpaid rent that pissed off the landlord ... pissed him off enough to slap a legal notice on the front fence to either up pay back rent or face formal eviction.

If this story isn't tracking, that means you're following it ... fact is, Tori had already moved, so there wasn't anybody to evict. There was however the matter of more than $7K in unpaid rent.

Tori's lawyer says the delinquency was just a "clerical error" and the rent has been paid through January.  Apparently there's some bad blood between landlord and tenants -- Tori's people tell us the landlord was a nightmare and failed to repair numerous items which caused them to move before the lease was up.  

It's unclear whether the landlord will try and enforce the rest of the lease or just walk away from it.


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The million dollar wedding could have gone to a trust

281 days ago


Candy bought your grand kids a house to live in

281 days ago


Why is everyone saying she is poor or should move in with her evil mom? The article, if read correctly, says she moved out of the home to more expensive digs...not on person on here seems to have read that part. Everyone is just bashing her for no reason. take the time to correct grammatical and spelling errors but you fail to read the article!!!!

281 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

So someone of their standing, supposedly two 'celebrities' with four small kids and they're still renting?

280 days ago


Expect a Tori & Dean "STOLEN" sex tape (made for their private use) to be released any day now...

280 days ago


Hope her new abc family sitcom with Jennie Garth is a hit. A girl's got bills to pay...

280 days ago


I still can't get past the $8,000 / month rent. You could buy a heck of a house for that each month.

280 days ago


The question is...why is she even "renting" a place in the first place?

280 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Whatever, bitch. Just get out and please disappear forever. Take your ugly little brats and your deadbeat, talentless husband, and your ugly, ugly horse-face and go away.

280 days ago


I clicked on a link and ended up on TMZ. Wow. Really do you feel good about posting thing like this. Do you really enjoy putting people's personal business out in public. Not sure who is more pathetic TMZ or its followers. Very sad. Karma is very far reaching. All of you who relish and profit in the humiliation of others will suffer such greater consequences for your actions.

280 days ago

Hashtag Titties    

Let me think of all the has beens I could care less about ... Yup, these two top the list. Thanks TMZ for a trip down memory land back to the 90's. At least the staff who's Dad didn't get them their gig have had enough good sense to know when their :15 minutes expired a decade ago.

280 days ago


Can't her rich mother buy them a freakin' house?

280 days ago


California has the worst Landlords...ESPECIALLY in higher priced homes....I feel so bad for her...the last thing she needed...

278 days ago


Tori Spelling. Livng proof that having an influential father is far more important than having talent.

274 days ago
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