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Paris Hilton

I'm Building a Man Cave ...

For My Dogs!!

1/14/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Trust us, you want to be Paris Hilton's bitch ... because her dogs already have their own mansion -- air conditioning, furniture and chandelier included -- and now she says their crib is about to get way more baller.

Paris was shopping in NYC's Meatpacking District on Monday when she told us about the SICK upgrade she's about to install for her nearly 20 (at last count) pups.

Let's just say ... you might want to change your Super Bowl plans. 

In case you've never seen it ... Paris' dog house is a replica of her own house, which puts most human dwellings to shame.

Enjoy your studio apartment.


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Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Guess she hasn't had enough coverage lately. Paris, it is cheaper just to have a nip slip. That'll give you a day's worth of free publicity.

281 days ago


Unbeknownst to herself, she appears to have built a metaphorically symbolic shrine that pays tribute to her life of privilege.

281 days ago


Right Paris... what you should be building is that aftercare home for women coming out of the LA jail like you told Larry King you were going to do. What a fool you are. You could be leaving legacy by showing people you've changed and care for others instead of only for you and your dogs ... You continue to prove you are a liar and a self centered idiot ... Woman up... think ... those women need your help. You told them you wouldn't forget them... but you have. You lied Paris. Lied.

281 days ago


Paris... wrap your brain on this: The Paris Hilton Aftercare Home for Women. Ya think the media and the world would eat up and start thinking differently about you? Ya think??? It would eventually take on a life of its own. You wouldn't have to run it. But think of the positive press and good krama it would create for you. Besides all the less fortunate women you would be actually helping. You can easily do this, Paris. Go for it. It will wind being one of the best things you will have ever done in your life and will be remembered forever.....

281 days ago


Do you think people care about your dog house, your djing, your perfume, clothes, cars, hotels, your money? You think they care at all about you anymore? Gee.. I wonder why? Try giving back to the obvious ... instead of stuffing more money in your purse. Try taking some out of it and do something good for the world. No... not attending some rich person's fund raiser ... but where the rubber meets the rubber meets the road... down and dirty ... women coming out of the very jail you went in. YOU OWE!!! Big time. Try putting your money where your mouth is.

281 days ago


"The Paris Hilton Aftercare Home for Women." - it has a very nice positive ring and vibe to it. The Paris Hilton Aftercare Home for Women.

281 days ago

She's baaaack    

I have two dogs. They live in my house with me. They have a nice yard to run in but they like to hang in the house. I'll bet my dogs are far happier than her dogs because my dogs are always hanging out with me instead of being alone in some fancy digs with some caretakers.

281 days ago


I'm not particularly fond of PHilton, but she has to be some sort of nice if she loves animals. That's a good sign.

281 days ago


I hate to see dogs in doghouses, dogs belong in the house with their owners.

281 days ago


stupid brainless ****. Yeah her relevance as clearly long ago expired...the fact that shes getting 1 more minute of time is mind blowing. Her and the whole Hilton family are nothing more rats with money.

281 days ago

Nobody Special    

Paris ,

I really like the Copper Gutters, I would not have expected Aluminum Gutters on your Dog House. The roof tiles are well done, but it's missing some ornamentation, like the Chinese Tea House in Newport, they have the small fish Finials on the corners of the roof. Here is an idea to install some detail on the end of the ridge cap tiles. This shop in England specializes in the roof tiles for ornate roofs. They have some larger cat tiles, check the site and finish your roof off. I like the traditional fish myself like the Newport Tea House.

281 days ago


What else does she have to do. How sad.

281 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Why not - you havent earned a DIME in your miserable life and are playing with other people's money.

She should celebrate with a trip somewhere with a rich kid nobody knows and a new pair of shoes.

281 days ago


Love Paris.

Always have, always will.

281 days ago


Ok...who cares.

281 days ago
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