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Playboy Playmate

Coke Suspected in Death

1/17/2014 2:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0117-getty-Cassandra-LynnPlayboy playmate Cassandra Lynn had indulged in large amounts of cocaine and booze before she was found dead in a bathtub ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Sources familiar with the investigation tell us ... Cassandra had flown to L.A. on January 14 and was the guest of a celebrity photographer.  We're told Cassandra complained when she landed she was not feeling well.

The photog took her to a fitting and then a photo shoot in the afternoon and she continued to complain she wasn't feeling right.

Sources say they went to the photog's home in the early evening and partied.  According to our sources ... the photog told law enforcement they had sex and did large amounts of coke and guzzled lots of champagne.

Their party ended at around 11 PM.

We're told at some point early the next morning the photog woke up, went to the bathroom and saw water running onto the floor.  He then discovered Cassandra in the bathtub, pulled her out and attempted in vain to resuscitate her.



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Thats is messed up...who knows if she died before being submitted to the water tub? She shouldn't of tock that trip at all. She did mentioned she didn't feel well...why wasent she medically attended...immediately when her body warned her. Watch who you hang out with...a true friend doesn't allow sad

245 days ago


just saying, she wasn't feeling well, maybe she was told she has to do this party to get paid, we don't know what she wast told. someone say we had sex, who is this person?, you had sex with her consensual even though she wasn't feeling well... really??.. sounds suspicious to me, unfortunately no one is going to follow up on this, they're just gonna think another hooker died from an overdose, sounds supsious to me.
she is someone's child!!

244 days ago

Richard Johnson    

Hey? You know all of the situation in my Neices death is a little strange, and as I been reading others comments have analized the same in the objective!.... Being her Uncle and knowing her since she was a baby? Is all I can ever recall is Casandra did like to have ****tails on occasion, she was fond of Miller Beer.... Now as myself had indulged in a little weed, yes I did smoke? And in an even even remember offering/asking my Neice if Che wanted to smoke, she had refused, but people do change, but her being sick? And should had been in bed? Go see a doctor? And instead was taken advantage of??? Yes something is not right, being married? With 2 children, to do something as to jeprodise the care of her children,......????? Well all the comments who can see wats real, thank U, as all the comments of disrespect for my Neice, need to grow up, stop acting like children, becaus U couldn't have sexual encounters with her, and the ignorance of people calling her names, is a joke, as what if is was one of your sisters, who had my Neices lifestyle, would U be calling your sister a slut, or a whore, or what ever, hell your sister has probably been out tramping around with all the neighbors, it's just not known, so clean up your own back yard, first.... And thank you for the people who care...

244 days ago

Richard Johnson    

Just a little remorse today for my Neice?? Today is her burial services, she will be missed by many people, not just family? But friends? Her fans as in the public? And anybody who new Cassandra well, so for the day please give her the kindness, and the time today to be in peace, & remembered in kindness, thank you, if people have a heart!!!!!

244 days ago


In What cover that she posed on Playboy? Last time that I brought Playboy was when Lindsay Lohan posed herself in the 2011 issue and I had WWE divas Torri, Candice, Ashley, and Maria covers.

244 days ago


I think the dude who supplied the drugs should b charged in her death. What a shame.

244 days ago


I'm sorry, but I can't feel sorry for anyone who commits suicide...She did this to herself....So selfish...She was young & beautiful...She had everything to live for...I say she was selfish because I'm sure she left behind family who now are grieving for her. She evidently didn't care about her own family to kill herself the way she did...

244 days ago


Yes she's dead but I sure would have liked to have gotten in her pant's..Whata waste of a piece

244 days ago


It must have been a heart attack.

244 days ago

Obvious justice    

This is second degree murder . She didn't commit suicide . The photog probably killed her

244 days ago

Obvious justice    

They should keep investigating before ruling out murder

244 days ago


why have TMZ and every other news source kept the name of the celebrity photographer secret? cassandra was a married woman with young daughter who is now going to grow up with a mother, because mommy decided one night to be a slut and an addict and unfortunately the jerk she was with didn't have the simple decency after he ejaculated in her to STAY AWAKE AND MAKE SURE SHE DIDN'T DROWN IN HIS DAMN BATHTUB!!!

244 days ago


YA know?? drugs are bad, don't f**ckin do them unless you want to die. Because more than likely you wont kick your habit and you will DIE. Stop f**cking handleing your problems or looking for a high by doing drugs because you will end up dead. I don't know how many f**cking times this has happened yet people still mother f**cking do it. Unbelievable.

244 days ago

George Vreeland Hill    

What a shame.
What a waste.

George Vreeland Hill

243 days ago


Why is pepz talking about who she was or this.. Can't she get a rest that we all deserve. Pepz it doesn't matter we all got to die. She choose drugs.. We choose.. You choose. People who are broken use drugs. The next time you see an addict.. Give him or her love. Love and affection... Insteed of judging.

243 days ago
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