'The Doctors' Host Sues I Got Injured During Bouncy Sumo Fight

1/18/2014 12:30 AM PST

One of the hosts of "The Doctors" has filed a lawsuit with a very clear message ... wrestling isn't always fake ... because he says he was thrown into a match on the show that left him badly hurt.

Dr. Drew Ordon claims in his suit ... he was filming the show on the Paramount lot in 2012.  The premise of the stunt was pretty thin -- they mention wearing a sumo suit is like a sauna and you can lose weight and also get a good workout.

Ordon claims the company that provided the suits didn't properly train him before squaring off with another host -- the one wearing the red belt.

Ordon claims the company was careless and reckless ... failing to give him instructions on preventing injuries.

Ordon isn't visibly injured in the clip, but he claims it's bad enough to file a lawsuit.