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Calling My Son the N-Word Was ...

'A Term of Endearment'

1/18/2014 1:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0118-madona-GettyMadonna says she had no idea people would take such offense over her use of the n-word yesterday -- even though at 55 she probably should.

Madge released a statement moments ago saying she's not a racist ... and her use of the hashtag "#disni**a" in reference to her son on Instagram Friday was not meant as a racial slur.

Madonna explains, "There's no way to defend the use of the word. It was all about intention ... It was used as a term of endearment toward my son who is white."

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Madonna adds, "I appreciate that it's a provocative word and I apologize if it gave people the wrong impression. Forgive me."

Translation: I should stay off Instagram.


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Oh please this bitch knew better than to say that ****. Trying to stir up controversy or nah Madonna? Sitcho OLD ass down grandma!

91 days ago


After a black president, Secretary of State and COUNTLESS black CEO's whites insist on using RAPPERS as a black standard. Listen...your kids aren't cool and neither are you. F u ck what rappers do, they don't represent an entire race. Am I to assume that most whites are serial killers? Is that your module? When you see a rapper, call them niggha/er but try it with me and see what happens. On NO day is it acceptable. Keep trying to justify it in your pea brains. You all are still plantation owners and WILL NOT reverse the shame OF WHAT YOUVE DONE. In 2014, it's so de passé for such a "supreme" group.

91 days ago


Jesus Christ TMZ! You must be really hurting for stories!

91 days ago


Unusual term of endearment.

91 days ago

Arthur P. Kaske    


91 days ago


Rock stars promote satanism constantly throwing up devil horns and referencing 666 etc. Are all whites satanists? *waits*

91 days ago

Unkind Truth    

pleasestopthedumbsh*t you are a black dick lover....that's why you keep riding the jock.

91 days ago


I wonder what her Black adopted children think about that.

91 days ago


She looks like Christopher Walken in this picture!

91 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Poor Madonna. She used to be relevant, she used to be young, she used to be youthful but now she's got about 2 minutes of her 15 left, she's old enough to be a card-carrying AARP member, and she's about as dried up as stale piece of bread. But she can say N*GGA just like the cool black people. Except, who the hell would call their own kid a N*GGA??

91 days ago


I don't understand, black people can call people ***** all day long, but the first time a white person says something like that people freak!!!! Get ur feelings off ur shoulder!!!!!!!!!!!

91 days ago


Being black myself I was in no way offended. To me it's all about context I don't care I'd white people use the term in a non offensive way. There really is a difference between it ending in an "a" and "er"

91 days ago


I don't know why I'm not really bothered by this. Maybe it's because I hear it from every other human on the planet. So what's so wrong about the word when Madonna uses it?' Besides, Madge, "The Material girl, Madonna has been an Ambassador for just about every cause in America, so I now her hearts in the right place. And she's been around the world enough to know who's the best at what they do. Despite what she's been taught. And logically she really feels her son is "#disni**a". Whatever that might constitute in her mind. So come on M.M.M. You know better. And can do better. Peace.

91 days ago


without makeup, she looks like a man!

91 days ago

Unkind Truth    

Pleasestopthedumbshh just confessed to being the biggest punk ass bitch tonight. Let's give him a round of applause for admitting such a thing.

91 days ago
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