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Justin Bieber

Here's the Drug Evidence

1/20/2014 4:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An L.A. County Sheriff's spokesperson says their deputies saw no drugs when they raided Justin Bieber's house and there was no smoking room as we previously reported ... well then check this out.

First let's deal with the smoking room.  Here's a picture of that room.  Justin and his pals call it the Bob Marley Room.  There are lots of bongs, and they were in plain veiw when deputies descended on the property. (The photo above shows Lil Twist -- who's not connected to Lil Za's drug bust.)

As for other drugs ... as we said, Justin had 2 big cookie jars of weed displayed in the house.  And as we said there were 4 to 5 empty codeine bottles laying around ... as well as the styrofoam cups used for sizzurp (lean). 

It's unclear why the spokesperson is going on record when we know the stuff was inside the house (not to mention the smoking room pic).  But, as we said, deputies did nothing wrong.  The search warrant was for video equipment, and as one top law enforcement official told us ... they weren't looking for drugs. 




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So is Harvey upset because the police wont charge him with drug possession?!?! You don't dictate what charges should be filed or what protocol or procedures should be followed when you're on the outside looking in. You really need to fall back... you have let the Kardashians and their tactics convince you that you can move mountains.

276 days ago


His mother sucks.. letting him grow into this..

276 days ago


TMZ you disgust me a bunch filthy sleazy uneducated gossip queens. Milk Tyson the guy who faked being friends with Justin told lies to TMZ and planted the drugs in Justin's house so Justin would get caught. His friend Za took the blame because one he's a good friend and two he knew Justin was innocent. Haters once again you are proved to be ignorant. Know the truth people stop spread false alagations Karma's a bitch.

276 days ago


Riddle me this TMZ. In one breath you say the cops weren't there to look for drugs and, according to you and your source (Lil Za), they overlooked obvious signs of drug use. If that's true then why did they arrest Lil Za? Did they mistake him for video equipment? Your story makes no sense at all. Obviously if they see drugs they're going to act on it.

276 days ago


Tell me this, why did his drug tests come back NEGATIVE. Smh, the real person you should be investigating is Milk Tyson, aka the one who left/sold all of these drugs there.

276 days ago


Let me guess, this picture came from a trusted source?? If I was going to make a couple thousand off a pic, I would try to pass for a trusted source too.

276 days ago


The LAPD is a F'ng joke! Why bother investigating ! Let this little Canadian punk a** bitch piss all over you! If he was a different color he would have got his a** beat. It's unbelievable what these no talent a-holes get away with!

276 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

They busted his friend for drugs, so why weren't the other drugs mentioned at that time. I actually believe the cops on this one. If they busted his friend they would've went ahead and charged him with the other stuff, if it existed

276 days ago

stupid american    

TMZ is startin to lose it...First they said anything found could be used against JB. Now they say even if they found drugs it wouldn't be used against him? I don't even like JB, but wow, whoever has been writing these articles is tryin to keep the JB hate circle jerk going if it's the last thing they do. TALK ABOUT STRUGGLING FOR A STORY. IF IT AIN'T KIM, IT'S SOME OTHER JB ****, YOU ARE REACHING AND THAT'S AN UNDERSTATEMENT. QUIT REACHING.

276 days ago


why'd they cut out the mirror, dollar bill, and razor blade?

276 days ago

M. Jones    

The real crime here is some dude claiming he's got $20,000 in damages because a few eggs were thrown at his house.

276 days ago


What is it about this kid that makes him so easy to hate?? The majority of us are actually hoping he OD's.

276 days ago

belieber forever.    

TMZ REALLY?!!?! what drug? i don't see anything…ALL I SEE IS ALCOHOL AND HOOKAH THATS A DRUG?

276 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

Justin Bieber vs. Chuck Norris at wrestlemania

276 days ago


Jesus. The kid is one flask short of a Meth lab.

276 days ago
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