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Justin Bieber

I'm Not a Druggie

I'm Just 19

1/21/2014 2:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0121-justin-bieber-instagramJustin Bieber is laughing at everyone who is worried about his drug abuse ... because he thinks what he's doing is simply the mark of a 19-year-old ... and besides, it's fun.

People close to Justin tell us ... he's laughing at the stories TMZ has posted about his drug use ... in particular, what has become an out-of-control sizzurp problem.  Justin's feeling is that he's young with lots of time on his hands -- as he puts it, "I'm on break."  There are no concerts or other obligations on his immediate schedule.

As we reported ... Justin's people have been urging him to get help for what has become a bad drug problem, but he has shut them down.

In fact ... over the weekend, Bieber posted a video on Instagram on an ice rink with the hashtag "worried bout nothing"

Check out the video.



No Avatar


That video explained nothing!! Oh Selena, I love you so much and cannot wait to tackle you azz when you come over tonight.

275 days ago


OMG!! Such a loser!! Please Canada take him back!!!

275 days ago


Hey Beibs, evil and that monkey are sitting on your shoulder waiting for the kill. you are such an idiot.

275 days ago


And I'm a geezer. Doesn't mean squat.

Watch the news and pay attention kiddo. How many 18-21 folks are dead daily? From this kinda crap?

So sick of this kid on my news feed. Every time he whines "Im just a kid" my eyes roll up in my head.
A kid with tons of money and clingers using him for partying and sloppy seconds, is a dead kid if he doesn't suddenly find the short hair in his shorts that says, "Hey. Might want to grow up. You grew a pair last night."

275 days ago


I'm guessing he's no longer getting good advice; which would explain the stale answer he keeps using. I'm just 19; so give me a break. What does being 19 have to do with not using drugs. Now... if that happened to you or others; the police walking in and seeing coke and pot everywhere they looked... you can bet that you would see the inside of a cell. But rich folk don't have to play by the rules in the U.S.
I'd suggest the boy move to sweden like all the other crooks do; to get away from it all and start fresh.

275 days ago


That is not what 19 year old people do unless they are spoiled rich brats and drug addicts. Even the people I know who are hardcore drug addicts and on their way to prison have more respect than him.

275 days ago

Theresa Q    

On one hand, no, I don't like him. On the other hand, he *is* only 19 and hasn't had a normal adolesence by any means. I think he'll do fine. Hell, if we were all judged by how we acted at 19, a whole lot of us would be f*ucked. Like most all teenagers, he's got a lot of growing up to do.

275 days ago

Fry Daddy    

He's an embarrassment to himself and to his family. Show some respect to your mother and get your **** together, Justin!

275 days ago


Good for him. I don't believe half the stuff printed on this site. I wish more stars would send a big middle finger to the sleazy dogs that work for TMZ. And your whole 'sources say, bull**** is getting old. That's a very old trick. don't you think if TMZ really had sources they would name them? The sickos of TMZ have no morals, no one's identity would be safe. But poeple have wanted to hate this guy since he was a kid, so they are willing to believe anthing.

275 days ago

Kev the Realist    

He is so stupid he doesnt realize that he has a problem. I guess he will figure it out when he is in an emergency room due to od'ing. It is only a matter of time... Or else it will be the morgue. He is the definition of STUPID.

275 days ago


He most likely doesn't have a problem, every story on here is exaggerated or un true that's how they stay in business

275 days ago


what a little baby he is soooooo piss weak it aint even funny.
what a little girl

275 days ago


Yup - just an average 19 year old.
An average 19 year old if you grew up in A-Hole-Ville, that is ...

275 days ago


The thing that really bugs me about JB is the fact that he has no gratitude or understanding as to why he has been so successful. If not for YouTube he would have had no hope of making it. Some poor Canadian nobody before YouTube would be painting houses for a living rather than egging them for fun.

275 days ago

News Flash     

If he says He's not worried, then he's worried.

275 days ago
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