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Justin Bieber

Tells Sheriff's Deputies ... Pound Sand!!!

My Cell Phone Is My Secret

1/22/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber scoffed at L.A. County Sheriff's deputies who raided his home when they asked for the password to his cell phone ... and now they may have to get ANOTHER search warrant.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... during the raid on Bieber's home, a member of the Sheriff's Department asked the singer if they could take a look at the texts ... to see if he bragged about the egging of his neighbor's home.  We're told he immediately shut them down.

Now get this ... It's been a week since the search and the Sheriff's Department has NOT cracked the code.  One law enforcement official tells us ... they have no interest in looking at Bieber's unrelated photos or texts.  They have some sort of machine that can isolate the time frame around the egging so that the only texts that come up are from that period.

Our sources say the Sheriff's officials now think they may have to get another search warrant -- this time from Bieber's phone carrier -- to get the elusive texts.

Or, they should just call the NSA.



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Bieber, that little thuglet needs to grow up already. Give the nice police access to your phone, you don't have any egg-throwing videos there do you, egging on your friend to throw, throw, keep throwing, while you laugh and keep filming while high on sizzurp. Am i right or am i right? Let them see there is nothing there. Don't make your life so difficult, you are turning into Lindsay Lohan, Bieber boy..

273 days ago


You know you're incompetent when you can't even crack this little chucklehead's phone.

273 days ago


This is the most stupid obverblown incident in celebrity history. Are they that deligent in going after real criminals in California? Muggers, killers, gang bangers, rapists, illigal ilens must be enjoying their not being bothered there as the police spend all that money and time over a matter that could have been solved with a 10.00 bottle of spic and span.

273 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

Just a tip; only do one post a day about Beiber like Radaronline. That way its not overblown, and sources will offer the phone messages as with Radar!

273 days ago


The way Biebs is living, it's like he doesn't think he is going to live in 12 months.
No fear, no regrets. He doesn't care what anyone thinks, and he doesn't care if he damages himself.

273 days ago

Just My Opinion    

If there is a video of him doing the egg throwing, that is enough to nail him for that, but I would look into his phone for sure, because of the drugs he is hooked on. Maybe if he wasn't on something, he wouldn't be such an egghead to start with. The guy needs help. A life is more important than someone's house. Justin is paying for the repairs, now it is time to repair Justin.

273 days ago


Can't we just DEPORT his dumb a~~? PLEASE!?

273 days ago

tony gee    

Boys and girls, I think it is high time that we ask for this bitch to be deported. No respect for the law in a country that is not his. What more evidence do you need?

273 days ago


They'd better get the warrant they need. This little already-a-has-been punk NEEDS to be arrested. He's gotten away with WAY too much s~~t.

And, since this will be a felony charge, can we PLEASE deport him?

273 days ago


What a joke. Leave him alone and he'll self destruct.

273 days ago


Take him in for questioning. Don't just go to his home and expect him to talk. If you put him in a room at the PD, I'm sure he'll sing like a bird. Especially if he doesnt have any drugs to take. If he's truly a junkie, he'll go into withdrawal and tell them everything they need to hear. I really don't care whether he gets help or not, but I do care that he's being treated like he is above the law.

273 days ago

all about the money    

And while your at it getting another search warrant, get another one to include drugs in plan view and do the job you should have done during the first warrant. Honestly if they would have raided anyone elses house other than a celebrity, they would have hauled off everyone in the house for a roach in an ashtray.

273 days ago


Shouldn't all the drugs paraphernalia the cops found be grounds for ANOTHER search warrant to look for the drugs? C'mon now!

273 days ago


Apple password are 4 digits 0 4 2 0. There, cracked the code for you, LAPD.

273 days ago


Justine has something to hide?

273 days ago
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