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Justin Bieber

Too Cool For School

During Court Appearance

1/23/2014 10:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
made a point of showing off his tattoos and his muscles during his court appearance Thursday in Miami Beach.

Bieber appeared via closed circuit TV as the judge set bond in his DUI/resisting arrest/driving on a suspended license case.

Check out how Bieber rolled up his jumpsuit sleeves.  He let his arms do the talking because he said nothing as the judge set bail at $2,500 ... which we're guessing he can afford.

It's not exactly a capital offense, but Bieber hired the best ... attorney Roy Black, who helped William Kennedy Smith beat the rape rap.  He's also repped Rush Limbaugh and Kelsey Grammer.

Bieber should post bail soon.


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kitten roulaine    

Look Tmz get your voting system together!!!!

237 days ago


Please! Please! Deport him back to Canada! He should be treated like any other human being in the world!

237 days ago


Anyone else wonder how he rented a lambo with an expired license?

237 days ago


About time

237 days ago

That Guy    

night night. keep yo booty hole tight!

237 days ago


I find it funny that celebrities always get off easy for the same offense ordinary people do. Oh its cool, you could have murdered someone. But we'll give you this slap on the wrist and let you go. Hmm he must have "affluenza" smfh

237 days ago


Crickets from the Bieber fans. Can we please deport this kid already and his dad?

237 days ago


I know we all hate him... Hell, I don't like the little smart mouthed spoiled brat myself... but you can really see how Hollywood can ruin a kid's life if they don't have the proper guidance... It's sad... But this HAD to be done.. He was headed here and way darker paths than this... if he doesn't clean up his act... which i'm guessing by who he surrounds himself with, he's not going to do...

237 days ago


And everyone is also forgetting the fact that HE COULD'VE KILLED SOMEONE! I dont care who you are, if you are so careless to hop in a car knowing you're drunk and could put someone in danger, you deserve every insult thrown at you. It's selfish! I never understood how these celebrities have so much money but never has anyone as a chauffeur to drive them where they need to go.

237 days ago


What'sa Bieber?

237 days ago


He's Rachel Maddows secret love child she had with Vanilla Ice. He even has her vagina

237 days ago


Teach him a lesson just cause Ur a celebrity if u want to call him that,. Doesn't mean he's above the law. Send his ass back to canada

237 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

He looks like he's handling it pretty well. I've been there... It's not fun. I really hope he can learn his lesson while he's young and gets it together

237 days ago

David P    

I read where someone is "sorry for him" PLEASEEEEEEEEE! When in the world are we going to accept the results of our own stupidity; when are we going to yell as loudly and demand everyone be held accountable for what they do instead of acting like we are soooo sorry for them.......I hope the judge kicks this little punks A** good. And then that smug smile. This really sickens me. Id love to smack teh S*** out of him...We need to take this kind of wrong and seriously do something with it if at a minimum to set an example.They should throw as much of the book as they can to this punk and let those that look up to him see what happens when youre nothing but a spoiled brat gone too far to fast and way to wrong with obviously no parental control and obviously feeling of not needing to be accountable to anyone ! He will come out and apologize for his actions to all his little fans and all will be well. Im sure our leftist media (TMZ not included of course ) will give him a pass like they do with all the rest of the left coast stars and starlets. This is exactly the thing the media need not let go of....

237 days ago

News Flash     

First time lil Beebs kept his mouth shut! Priceless.

237 days ago
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