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Nick Carter

Send Bieber Back to Canada

My American Bro Is Better Anyway

1/29/2014 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is no Aaron Carter ... so says A.C.'s older bro Nick, who tells TMZ the Bieb should take his Canadian ass back to where he came from, stat!

Here's the deal ... we were out at the Maxfield store in Malibu yesterday when we asked the brothers if there was any real comparison between Justin and Aaron -- a former teen heartthrob who some people say was the "original" Justin Bieber.

That's when Nick broke it down ... saying, "Justin Bieber's cool and all ... a whole new generation .... but he's Canadian. Aaron's American."

He continued, "Go back to Canada, Justin ... America, stick with my brother."



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Love Aaron. I am a huge fan. He and Justin are a lot alike. Difference between the two is: Aaron started when he was much younger than Justin and his career didn't blow up in a year, as Justin's did. Someone posted, asking, where has Aaron been for the past 2-ish years. The answer is, he has been resting, in rehab, working on new music, spent time dealing with his sister Leslie's passing, etc.

Money and such make no difference to the person, so no need to say he is broke. How many of you on here have mucho money? His new music is at:

Anyway, Justin is having a lot of problems, yes, but musically, he's a great artist. He has done a lot to give back too. I think that is what people need to focus on. Hopefully rehab or a long, well needed rest will happen soon for JB.

183 days ago


Fine we'll take him back, but we also want back Jim Carey, keanu reeves, Rachel McAdams, Ellen page, Ryan gosling, Anna paquin, James Cameron, mike Meyers, Dan akroyd, Ryan Reynolds, Michael j fox, Elisha Cuthbert, Brendan Frasier, haydn Christianson, Seth rogan, Donald and keifer Sutherland, the who, Nelly furtado, Michael cera, David kronenburg, Eugene levy, Nev Campbell, Catherine O'Hara, Mathew Perry, Pam Anderson, john candy, Leslie Nielson, rick moranis,William ****ner, Bryan Adams, Alan is morisette, jay baruchel, Steve Nash, oliver platt, Corey montieth, Phil Hartman, dave foley, niel young, shenae grimes, Sarah polley, will arnet, tom green, Michael buble, Joni mitchell, martin short, billy talent, Harland Williams, bif naked, Russell peters, Alan thicker, Michael riley, Celine dion, Corey haim, Gabriel Audrey, drake, Daniel cudmore, Kevin McDonald, tom cavanaugh, Rachel Perry, first, barenaked ladies, our lady peace, howie Mandel, Sandra oh, basketball, all telephones, peanut butter, insulin, the ink on your currency, all of our hockey players and you have to stop using standard time.

183 days ago


Being a recovering drug addict, and hope he'll continue staying sober, Carter serves as an enduring testament to the effects of drug addiction.

183 days ago


Camera calls Nick "Home slice?" I quit. I'm embarrassed for everyone involved.

183 days ago


I'm a 90s baby so I love both Nick and Aaron and would choose Aaron over Justin, but I don't think the American vs Canadian thing matters. Justin's a talented kid and I'll give him that, but there's always time to keep learning and growing as an artist and a person. Aaron can't be working non stop and he needed a break to get his life back together and to make everyone believe in him again and by everyone I don't just mean the fans, I also mean agents, record labels etc. As for Justin it wouldn't hurt to take a break whenever he thinks he needs it.

183 days ago


"he's Canadian. Aaron's American." - your loving Canadian fans ( such as I )am very pissed at Nick!
Not really sure how I feel about this guy anymore.
I have been a die-hard fan since 1996. Lovely to bellittle your fans like that, hey? Its actually very hurtful and disrespectful to say somthing like that.

183 days ago


"he's Canadian. Aaron's American." - your loving Canadian fans ( such as I )am very pissed at Nick!
Not really sure how I feel about this guy anymore.
I have been a die-hard fan since 1996. Lovely to bellittle your fans like that, hey? Its actually very hurtful and disrespectful to say somthing like that.

183 days ago


Justin Bieber welcome to your future!

183 days ago


Justin Bieber may have millions, but he never beat Shaq!

183 days ago


I still have a magnet of Aaron on my fridge that my son got in Manhattan 2 weeks before 9/11. We were there on vacation and Aaron was EVERYWHERE. Then the world just covered dark stories for a while. Aaron has A LOT more "soul" than Justin Bieber. Sings way better, Nick sings better than Justin Bieber for that matter.

183 days ago

I Don't Really Care     

Ok for the record I don't care for Justin or Aaron, but had to write this. Yes I do agree with the deporting Justin back to Canada, because if you don't have a care in the world for the laws here and are knowing and willing to break them, then yes you need to go back, but I also feel that way about anybody that is not from here and is here with a green card or work visa.

But for Nick Carter to say to stick with his brother because his American is stupid, it shouldn't matter were a person is from. Because not so long ago weren't both Aaron and Nick in trouble with substance abuse. And didn't Aaron just file for bankruptcy because his got like over $2 million in debt. So really his no better then Justin the only difference is Justin isn't broke and is making millions of dollars.

183 days ago


Aren't they both broke? Sounds like they are jealous. I don't like them or JB but you have to admit jealously is the fuel to this rant. America has forgotten you and doesn't care.

183 days ago

Kathy Harman    

Better at what?

183 days ago


Justin can sing and dance.. He just makes dumb decisions. A lot of dumb decisions. And the media and all these "haters" are making him to be worse than he is, but he does need to calm it down and be respectful. And Aaron has always been talented, will always be, and works far more harder because he doesn't have all the help Justin does, even when he did his mom stole from him, and the jive out him on the back burner and didn't even attempt to transition him from kid to adult. He has grown so much more as an artist because of it. I don't agree that biebs should be sent back or we should support Aaron because he is American. But they both have talent, just Aaron has worked a lot harder. As for what he has been doing, he was on dancing with the stars in 2010 in the top 5 then went to star in fanatasticks off broadway, then went on your for all of 2013, selling out a large number of his shows. All the while creating, writing, producing new music and dealing with his sister Leslie's passing. Again, Aaron does it ALL on his own. He deserves so much more respect.

183 days ago

Kathy Harman    

Ummmmm, Beiber go back yes. Aaron, who cares? But Nick, yes please!

183 days ago
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