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Kendra Wilkinson

U.S. Should LEGALIZE Prostitution

1/31/2014 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's NOTHING wrong with whores ... so says Kendra Wilkinson -- who claims the United States should STOP arresting people for prostitution when it involves two consenting adults.

The former Playboy model was wading her way through LAX with hubby Hank Baskett Thursday evening ... when she explained why the laws against hooking are just plain stupid.

For the record, there are parts of the U.S. where one could legally purchase sex ... but it's clear, Kendra believes ALL AMERICANS (of age) should be able to pay for ass.

God, she's patriotic.


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It should be a txable income, ienough income to balnce the federal budget.

202 days ago


why whores must be whores all the time ?

202 days ago


Legalize? Illegal? Wake up. Why is anyone listening to "MAN MADE" rules? Are you not free? Stop being oppressed and live your lives. Do what you want.

202 days ago


Thank god for Obama care XD

202 days ago


Here's a question... if legalizing prostitution works so well, then how come the ONLY state that has done it so far (Nevada) has one of the highest rates of illegal (unregulated, untaxed) prostitution and child trafficking? Oh, that's right... because most women who are reduced to selling their bodies for $30 aren't going to meet the qualifications to work in a regulated environment where they have to be disease and drug free. Also, the men who really need to pay for it aren't going to be able to afford the high class hookers in the brothels. Legalizing prostitution would basically legitimize escort services, but it wouldn't do anything about the crack heads and child peddlers who are the REAL problems.

202 days ago


Said the biggest whore and prostitute of all time.

202 days ago


Get men drunk and take their money or credit cards while their sleeping and go on the good ol all night shopping spree... Keep the cash and use the cards to buy anything that's easy to flip on craigslist

202 days ago


dear miss dumb dumb, the reason it is banned (and it isn't everywhere) is because this is a stinky cruddy way men use women who DON'T want to become prostitutes and get bullied, traded, raped killed.. and forced to put out while these pig men take 100% of the profits. If it was just her happy little charmed whre life I might even say ok.. but it never is. There is always some pig laughing his nuts off while a woman abuses her body to get him money

202 days ago


She should know. But most women will never prostitute themselves out, much less to a 80 year old man for a place to live and 50K a year. Maybe she is planning ahead for when she is divorced and her ex isn't making the NFL money anymore.

202 days ago

Lily Daisy    

Just what we need, legally cheating husbands and legally paying teenage boys engaging prostitutes for sex. That should do alot for our morally declining society and for the sanctity of marriage.

202 days ago


This question/debate will never go away, just as with arguments that go on about abortion. What happens between two consenting adults, as long as a persons human rights are not violated, should be legal. The devil would be in the details of how/who should monitor or regulate it. Pimps serve no legitimate purpose and should be eliminated from the equation. Having sex with anyone who mutually consents should not be a crime wether or not money is involved. Haters go on hating, it's called the worlds oldest profession, people will continue to have sex, even if it's considered immoral or illegal.

202 days ago

john irick    

i personally think theres nothing wrong being a whore as long as there of legal age....and there not forced into it!!!!

202 days ago

john irick    

i personally think as well that nothing wrongs being a whore as long as theyre of legal age and theyre not forced into it!!

202 days ago


Yes, definitely yes. Then Kendra and Kate Gosselin would be able to work.

202 days ago

BB not bb    

NO it should not be legal. Most whores do it because they have to, not because they want to and no one should have to live like that. There is a lot of sex trafficking going on where women are forced into it by violent pimps. If it was not an arrestable crime, many of these women would not be rescued by the police when they are arrested.

Aside from that, it is morally repulsive. There are standards of right and wrong that held this society together. I don't see Nevada as being any better off for legalizing it. A lot of people call Las Vegas Sin City and compare it to hell on earth.

Women should not be exploited as if all they are worth is some pocket money.

202 days ago
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