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Philip Seymour Hoffman

Off The Wagon & Drinking Before OD

2/3/2014 9:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Philip Seymour Hoffman was in an Atlanta bar 3 days before he died ... drinking and smoking  ... and running in and out of the restroom.

The photo was taken around dinner time at a restaurant next door to the Hyatt in downtown Atlanta on January 30th. 

A witness tells us ... Hoffman was with a woman at the bar ... and made "multiple trips" to the bathroom and the witness says it looked "sketchy."  The witness says it registered with him at the time ... that the trips to the restroom were curious.

Another witness says Hoffman appeared "drunk."

And, yet another witness saw him at the airport later and he appeared "drunk and disheveled."

The drinking itself is important ... because Hoffman was in rehab in May.


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about 15 more stories to point the obvious,get some mental help harvey.hows that boy crush with justin going.

265 days ago


So if TMZ had these photos why didn't someone do an intervention? Seems like every time a celebrity dies TMZ beats them to the ground with all types of negative publicity. GET OVER IT. The man is dead and cannot defend himself

265 days ago


Unfortunately Mr. Hoffman was probably a garbage can meaning he would take anything to get high. Toxicology results that will be out in a few weeks and I'll bet it will show many different drugs in his system. I'm still shocked Hes gone. Very talented man.

265 days ago


**** off TMZ. Drinking and goiing to the bathroom in a Bar. Really great jorurnalism

265 days ago


He's an older man and drinking I'm sure he had to just go pee. Jeezzzeee you can't shoot heroin back to back to back or he would have died sooner...

265 days ago


RIP Philip Seymour

265 days ago

Before he was an actor or a drug addict, he was a person. He showed greatness on the screen but obviously he had demons within that robbed him from life. Lets be a bit more compassionate , lets try to understand what kind of emotional pain and turmoil one must be in to die in this manner. Alcohol and heroin are numbing devices that are often used to medicate emotions we cannot handle. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this terrible time. R.I. P. Philip.

265 days ago



265 days ago


TMZ...Please do not drag out and dig up every sordid detail of PSH tragic death just for a sensational headline....

265 days ago


TMZ...Please do not drag out and dig up every sordid detail of PSH tragic death just for a sensational headline....

265 days ago


This isn't journalism, this is just gossip. As the public, we have a pretty good idea about the way he died. The further dissection of his every life choice leading up to his death is irrelevant and serves no other purpose than to garner hits for your page and provide a potentially excruciating amount of pain for those that truly loved and valued him. I could send you a picture of any celebrity (or any person for that matter) while they are vulnerable and attach whatever observations I want, call them facts, and you would call it news. What is worse I would be deemed a reliable source or witness. And to the garbage pale kids of a TMZ staff, I realize I used several multiple syllable words, properly at that, so your heads must be killing you. Just remember to sound them out slowly. Most English words are spelled phonetically.

265 days ago


Get over it.
Far better people without addictions and demons die
every day.

Oh wait if TMZ did not harp on the same thing day after day they would fold.

265 days ago


Bonus heroin cut with fentanyl. Insane.

265 days ago


The poor man was depressed. Course he went to a bar and course he looked like a mess. Please let it go TmZ.

265 days ago


Are there pics , where Seymour is lying dead with the needle in his arm?? I would like to see 'em!

265 days ago
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