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Justin Bieber

The Idiot Knew He'd Get Searched

And Still Smoked up the Jet

2/5/2014 1:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0205-justin-bieber-article-plane-tmz-wm-2Justin Bieber is not only out of control ... he's hard-core stupid.  He knew last week -- before he took off for New Jersey -- his plane would get searched by U.S. Customs yet he and his friends still hotboxed on the private jet.

TMZ has confirmed .... the pilot radioed in the air Justin and his gang were smoking weed on the plane and the flight attendant couldn't get them to stop.  The pilot complained the smoke in the cabin was thick.  NBC News says the pilot actually had to don a gas mask because it was so bad.

Now here's what's incredible ... TMZ has previously reported Justin is on a Homeland Security watch list because of 2 pending criminal cases. 

Multiple sources connected with Bieber tell TMZ ... Justin's people called federal officials before the plane took off and they were informed Justin was on the list.  Justin's people told him before he got on the jet that he would be searched in New Jersey and interrogated, yet Bieber STILL smoked up the aircraft.

We're also told Bieber and his buds were abusive to the flight attendant because she ordered them to stop smoking ... in vain.

And to add icing to the cake ... Bieber's father was on the plane.

By the time the plane landed the weed was gone, but drug-sniffing dogs detected trace amounts. 

One person who was on the plane 3 hours after it landed says it continued to reek of marijuana.



No Avatar

Truth is    

Police need to work on the real crimmos......justine is protected by the elite....waste of time going after him....ugh

227 days ago


You can't fly high on pot so donning on the oxygen mask was a smart thing. But think about it. This is a life safety issue and everyone on that plane was at risk. Why did the pilot not turn back and dump his ass in Canada instead. He should sue for putting their lives at risk. Abuse on the flight attendant is not acceptable, she should sue as well.

Weed smoke is disgusting and makes me want to puke.

227 days ago

Mulholland Drive    

That fame bubble is about to burst. Nobody will remember this clown in 5 years. Save your money Justin. You're about to become Leif Garrett.

227 days ago


the haterz need to stop framing him

227 days ago


It makes sense to me. Justin has never had anyone tell him no. He has also never gotten in serious trouble with the law. He might with his current cases, but nothing serious has happened yet. So he truly believes all of this is no big deal.

227 days ago


I wonder if the pilot can press charges? Something needs to be done.

227 days ago

Your mom    

He's so bad ass!!!! Omg what a gangsta. Plz this lil kid would run In the actual hood. Smoking weed is fine to layback on a night but to do it all the time c'mon man. And I hope in the future he doesn't go into rehab for it. Because weed is not that addictive. And weed makes you high and they should have respected the pilot unless they wanted to crash and die.

227 days ago

Just Steve    

Justin...look your making it hard for me to defend you.

227 days ago

Just Steve    

Justin...look your making it hard for me to defend you.

227 days ago


woody allen pls adopt justin bieber!!!!

227 days ago


SO...............what will happen to him? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! His parents may be IDIOTS, but so are the JUDGES in your courts to CA! NO ONE HAS GUTS to nail these a$$holes before they get so out of control! Look at any thug rapper or Lindsay Lohan- what CONSEQUENCES do they get? Pay a fine? Big deal. Means NOTHING to them!

Beiber will end up dead and that will be the end of that!

227 days ago

The Zombie    

First of all, contact highs are a lie. O2 masks weren't needed and if they were donned, it was a total drama fest.
Being on a Homeland Security watch list for allegedly egging a house and DUI is a waste of taxpayer funds and a total slap in the face to everyone who pays taxes or ACTUALLY defends our homeland.
Drug-sniffing dogs detected TRACE amounts. They've done that in my car 2 days after smoking in it.
The same people whining about the cops going after Phillip Seymour Hoffman's dope dealers are the people wanting Bieber busted. Those are some screwed up priorities, people.

227 days ago


Wonder what the FAA thinks about a plane saturated in pot smoke, possibly affecting the pilots pre-O2 masks, flying in US skies

227 days ago


so justin, as a douchebag, got it from the bieber family

227 days ago


I bet Bieber's father was too high to reprimand him. Worst dad ever.

227 days ago
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