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Justin Bieber

The Idiot Knew He'd Get Searched

And Still Smoked up the Jet

2/5/2014 1:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0205-justin-bieber-article-plane-tmz-wm-2Justin Bieber is not only out of control ... he's hard-core stupid.  He knew last week -- before he took off for New Jersey -- his plane would get searched by U.S. Customs yet he and his friends still hotboxed on the private jet.

TMZ has confirmed .... the pilot radioed in the air Justin and his gang were smoking weed on the plane and the flight attendant couldn't get them to stop.  The pilot complained the smoke in the cabin was thick.  NBC News says the pilot actually had to don a gas mask because it was so bad.

Now here's what's incredible ... TMZ has previously reported Justin is on a Homeland Security watch list because of 2 pending criminal cases. 

Multiple sources connected with Bieber tell TMZ ... Justin's people called federal officials before the plane took off and they were informed Justin was on the list.  Justin's people told him before he got on the jet that he would be searched in New Jersey and interrogated, yet Bieber STILL smoked up the aircraft.

We're also told Bieber and his buds were abusive to the flight attendant because she ordered them to stop smoking ... in vain.

And to add icing to the cake ... Bieber's father was on the plane.

By the time the plane landed the weed was gone, but drug-sniffing dogs detected trace amounts. 

One person who was on the plane 3 hours after it landed says it continued to reek of marijuana.



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him and his dad are ust thumbin' their noses at authorities. They aint' gonna do nothing to him and there is nothing we can do. So quit reporting on it.

230 days ago



230 days ago


In 2 years he will be the twin of riff raff.

230 days ago


His father is a freaking idiot. Justin is a still a teen an therefore no offense to people that are teens but you do stupid things when you are young. His father wins biggest dick of the year. I hope this kid gets in rehab for a long time. I'm sure there is still a sweet kid in there that could become a sweet adult but not with the people he's hanging around with. Kudos to the pilot, hopefully he doesn't fail a drug test for getting a contact buzz. I'm pretty sure they test pilots often. Those jerks have probably cost this pilot some lost time.

230 days ago


So why didn't the pilot just make an emergency landing? Maybe Justin isn't the only stupid one.

230 days ago


Why wasn't Justin arrested for transporting drugs over the border when the pilot notified authorities in advance? The pilot and flight attendant were witnesses and the dog reacted as it was trained to do. Custom should have held all the passengers until they received a search warrant for body, luggage and plane.

Hopefully the owner of the plane will file a lawsuit for endangering the lives of his employees.

Justin and his father are ignorant. They are both a safety hazard to society.

230 days ago


If the pilot radioed ahead, it will be on Come on Harvey, get some of those grammar challenged employees to find that tape!

230 days ago

Shaken not stirred    

He doesn't give a rats a$$ about anyone. He has zero respect. He needs to get his a$$ kicked. DOUCHE BAG!!!!!

230 days ago


I think Biebs and Miley have the same PR people. The way he's "acting" seems like a staged attempt to transition him away from teen pop. It's all to predictable. Problem is it doesn't matter how many blunts he smokes, his music will still suck.

230 days ago


How is the baby an you really believe he only smokes pot?

Nothing happened to him- why should he care- he strolled off the plane into a mouth full of boob...why is the baby an idiot for doing drugs and having sex...huh?

230 days ago


Pilot should have landed at first available airport and thrown the douche off the plane and called the cops.

230 days ago


Daddy didn't give attention...To the fact that mommy didn't care...King Jeremy the wicked...Ruled his world.

230 days ago

Mrs Butters    

karma is a bitch

230 days ago


This is what you call disgraceful parenting. The little thug wannabe is a POS anyway and should be deported but once again celebrity justice works to coddle him. Mom and Dad sound like real winners. The apple has not fallen far.

230 days ago


Opening a window at 30,000ft will air out a plane fast.

230 days ago
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