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Philip Seymour Hoffman Death

Drug Suspects Arraigned

2/5/2014 5:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Three of the four people arrested in what cops believe may be a link to Philip Seymour Hoffman's death were in court, and have been arraigned on drug charges.

Robert Vineberg -- the man a police informant claims sold drugs to him and Hoffman -- pled not guilty to felony possession of heroin with an intent to sell.

Vineberg's attorney, Ed Kratt, tells TMZ, "these charges have NOTHING to do with the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman."

Juliana Luchkiw and Max Rosenblum are NOT charged with heroin possession.  Instead, prosecutors have charged them with 1 count each for possession of cocaine ... a misdemeanor.

We spoke with the lawyer for Juliana who pled not guilty.  The lawyer says his client has never met Hoffman. 

A fourth man --Thomas Cushman -- was arrested but not charged with a crime due to lack of evidence.

TMZ broke the story .... an informant who triggered the bust has told cops ... Vineberg was Hoffman's main dealer, and the actor came by his apartment twice a week to score dozens of bags of heroin.



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Typical police action, they react to crimes after they have been committed, they are always behind the eight ball. ...they found these dealers fast so that means they knew exactly where to go after the crime. Day late and a dollar short.

229 days ago


Thankfully a famous person died of an overdose so the dealers could be taken off the streets. Otherwise no one gives a crap.

229 days ago


Asleep at the wheel, TMZ? Why nothing about the $50m lawsuit playwright David Bar Katz has just filed against the National Enquirer for publishing a story that he told them he and PSH were gay lovers? You are WAY behind everyone else on this story

229 days ago


I wish the police would work this fast to catch the dealers that sold drugs to "regular" people who overdose.. Oh, wait!! It only matters if a celebrity dies! What was I thinking. If a celebrity dies whether it's from suicide, drugs, or being an alcoholic, they're a "tortured soul", if it anyone else, they're a drunk, or a druggie. Disgusting!

229 days ago

peddle petter    

Why is all these Hollywood personalities now saying that Philip Seymore Hoffman was a fine person, actor, father, human being. Where were they when PSH was using heavily? His personal assistant and publisist would be the first ones to know while PSH was using. Where were they? It doesn't matter now. The right people that PSH was suppose to be around must not have been a good influence for PSH. No one held a gun on PSH to withdraw $1200.00 from a ATM to buy the Heroin and other narcotics. The dealer or pushers are not directly responsible, maybe indirectly on a second or third degree for facilatating narcotics.
PSH you have been chasing the Dragon for a time now. Well congratulations Philip you finally caught the Dragon, now that your happy, you left alot of people, your former partner, and your childern sadden by your petty, selfish, irresponsible, destructive actions.

229 days ago


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229 days ago

Eric Cartman    

Every person is responsible for their own actions. Whether it be driving under the influence, public intoxication, or involuntary suicide.

Michael reaped propofol because it contained "Baby Milk"

Paul Walker's tragedy was because he thought speed doesn't kill.

Heath Ledger allowed a fictitious character to consume him.

Everyone is held responsible for their own choices. Bottom line.

229 days ago


Thank God the police caught the murderers....errr never mind. Just regular drug dealers selling to a junkie

229 days ago


Man, when a celebrity dies you guys sure do beat the story to death

229 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Haha, no bail for those two pathetic, unwashed, disgusting faux-hispster trustafarian ass holes Juliana Luchkiw and Max Rosenblum. Greasy-looking losers....

229 days ago


I really hope this informant has a couple of bodyguards.

229 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

too bad it took a death to catch these s***bags

229 days ago



229 days ago


People OD everyday, but because this guy is famous other people are in trouble?, gtfo.

229 days ago


Politicians. ..explain to me why Conrad Murray can be charged with manslaughter but drug dealers can't. You people are pathetic.

229 days ago
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