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Justin Bieber

Parties in Atlanta

Hey Diddy, Check Out My Pecs!

2/6/2014 6:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0206-bieber-launchJustin Bieber was the belle of the ball Wednesday night as he revealed his boyish body -- to the amusement of a dozen big-time rappers at Diddy's Atlanta blowout.

Bieber's new GF, Chantel Jeffries, was in tow at Vanquish nightclub as he went around the room, mugging with Diddy, T.I., Jermaine Dupri, Wale, Rick Ross, Lil Scrappy and Trinidad James.

Bieber was a minority of one as he lost his shirt in the crowd but not his bling.  And, even though there were lots of bottles poppin' ... Bieber stuck to bottled water the entire night.

As for weed ... well, we'll take a wild guess.


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I believe it is about 12 minutes after the hour :)

266 days ago


Maybe Bieber's planning on launching an acting career and he's really making a mockumentary like Joaquin Phoenix did.

266 days ago


If what Justin B is doing is what it takes to be in hip hop then the world has come to an end. Oh and I agree with Harvey it's corny.

266 days ago


If what Justin B is doing is what it takes to be in hip hop then the world has come to an end. Oh and I agree with Harvey it's corny. Sausage fest!!!!

266 days ago


He either wants to be black,or wants to be gang banged by black guys.

266 days ago


Hip hop accepts Bieber like Bieber accepted that pet monkey that he Left in Germany! Entertaining for a while but he'll be left passed out holding the bag when the party is over!

265 days ago


THE PHOTO is hot as fvck. Jus' sayin'.

265 days ago

William Foresman    

have fun you only live once

264 days ago


When you lie down with dogs . . . .

264 days ago

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263 days ago


Bieber will never be black! Lol! Is he going to have a pigment implant next?

253 days ago


Bieber is getting pigmentation injections to start his black transformation yay! His black name will Keshawn bizzle !

253 days ago


Look at the comments on this page about Bree getting a DUI. Look at the comments on Philip's page about him overdosing on Herion. Look at the comments on Amanda Bynes when she did a hit and run along with getting a DUI. And look at Todd Harrell's comments on his DUI when he killed Some one then later on got another DUI. Finally go look at the comments on the article about Justin Bieber smoking weed which was his first "incident" Justin got more hate comments then all those people combined that I just listed. The people who preach about Justin needing to be mature are complete hypocrites, and if anyone could be deported and should be it's the so called haters who have ridiculed Justin since day one, and now take his mistakes and try and use them as valid reasons to hate him which is pathetic. Justin wasn't driving reckless nor was he intoxicated the cops lied is a trending topic with a whole a bunch of proof to back it up. Us sane people actually want society to get better. You so called haters turned Justin into the guy he is today confused, depressed, and insecure so maybe MATURE and realize hate solves nothing admit what you all did wrong and clean up your mess instead of blaming it on innocent others. Go ahead dislike my comment just proves it all.

253 days ago


JUSTIN BIEBER CAN IGNORE ALL COMMON COURTESIES. PEE IN FLOOR MOP BUCKETS. VIOLATE FAA RULES. DRAG RACE ACCELERATION AND CONSTANT SPEED 136MPH. XANAX WEED CODEINE. UNDERWEAR ON OUTSIDE IN PUBLIC. BROTHELS HOOKERS ESCORTS GIVING STD TO MODELS. PEEING IN ASPEN IN PUBLIC. SKATEBOARD AT BARS. EGGS. AND SO ON ENDLESS FOR MONTHS. PITY PARTY POOR JUSTIN BIEBER CANADIAN BLACK WHITE RAPPER. POOR CHILD. BOO HOO HOO. That white house petition is useless. Prez Borack Oh Bama has photos of him hugging and shaking hands with JUSTIN BIEBER at Christmas. Borack makes $400K per year JB $50M. Borack net worth $12M JB $160M. JB richer than any world leader. Michelle Oh Bama is JB black rapper mama giving advice. Petition signatures of 250,000 or more given the facts above are useless with no deportation possible ever. Borack and michelle want jobs in two years so Justin Bieber Bizzle Sizzle Fizzle is safe in good hands. Nobody can touch JB. Free to pee in any white house mop bucket. JB to own two $12M homes. Borack michelle live free in a white house. FACTS. LOL.

252 days ago
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