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Philip Seymour Hoffman

A Single Drink

Ultimately Led to Death

2/6/2014 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Philip Seymour Hoffman's recent and fatal path down the road of addiction was triggered by an innocent drink ... sources close to the actor tell TMZ.

Hoffman had been sober for 23 years prior to shooting "The Master" -- but during a wrap party in 2012, the actor succumbed to temptation ... and celebrated the movie with a drink ... which quickly became a couple of drinks.

Hoffman acknowledged to confidants ... the drinks opened the floodgates.  Addictions experts all say one drink can destroy an addict's life ... and that seems to be what happened here.

Sources tell us Hoffman didn't begin experimenting with heroin until 2013, after he had already fully fallen off the wagon. We're told he had long been curious about the drug.

It started with snorting -- and last May, he quickly checked into rehab because he was terrified it would escalate to IV use ... which it eventually did.


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Bob Burkhardt    

"Better to Burn Out than to Fade Away"

227 days ago



227 days ago


Duh WILLPOWER who is this actor anyway.... too much attention is on this 1 MAN!

227 days ago


For those of you who don't understand....I hope you never do..for those of us that do, "one step over the line sweet Jesus, one step over the line" a drink....a pill...a mainline...a life. thats just how it is...

227 days ago


Some ppl will never understand this disease, some ppl understand all to well. After 23 years its easy to forget its one day at a time.Meeting,Meetings, Meetings...Sponser. we love you Phillip Seymour H God Bless and keep you

227 days ago


If true, and he was sober for 23 years, he beat the statistic because I recently heard that sobriety generally only lasts for 8 years before a relapse. But, I do think completely staying away from drugs and alcohol for an addict is the
only way for them to STAY sober. ONE drink can undo sobriety. That's how it works. I don't believe a TRUE alcoholic can have "just one" drink. And maybe a drug user cannot use "just once".

227 days ago


Addiction is a disease...not a statement about self-discipline or morality. It is a terrible disease because the chances for a permanent cure are nil and every day demands a renewed commitment not to yield to what your body/mind demand for comfort. RIP Mr. Hoffman, and condolences to all who loved him and hoped he would endure for many more years.

227 days ago

tom slick    

SO- how many years we gonna hear bout this Looser..he's dead- other Holywood Actor's are waiting to die in the asile's..let's give em some room and BURY him finally- drug addicts are a dime a dozen and QUICKLY FORGOTTON- he did it to himself..should have took up Smoking- longer life span!

227 days ago


He had a heroin-filled syringe sticking out of his arm, but it was the alcohol that killed him. Yeah, right!

227 days ago


I quit drinking 8 years ago and had a couple of drinks at a party 2 months ago and haven't drank since.

227 days ago


i never thought of him being a pusher, but yeah the idea of being in show business with all the money they have he probably was selling if only to support his own habit good gosh 50 bags.

227 days ago


How can people be so freaking weak?

227 days ago


So sad!

227 days ago


I started drinking after seeing the movie The Master. That movie melted my eyes from the sockets and killed most of my remaining brain cells. WORST movie I have EVER seen. Number One WORST film in my top ten worst. LAST VEGAS just made the list or LEGENDS OF THE FALL Part 2, as I call it.

227 days ago


How long do we have to hear about this loser? Most people I hear say they never heard of him until now.

227 days ago
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