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Justin Bieber

Selena's Not Lovesick ...

She's a Drunk

2/7/2014 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is scoffing at Selena Gomez, telling friends she has no one to blame but herself for her addictions ... TMZ has learned.

Sources with daily Bieber contact tell TMZ ... Bieber and his friends are laughing at Selena's "bad influence" claims, because they say she's always the drunk at the party.  Bieber acknowledges he gets wasted, but whenever he had parties Selena was downright competitive ... smoking as much weed as the guys and sometimes outdoing them.  They say she was also HEAVY into booze.

We're told Justin believes Selena's parents are behind the blame game, because they HATE him.  He thinks they are fueling Selena's anger and making him a scapegoat.

Justin says he's happy he's no longer with Selena because she's just too high maintenance ... and out of control.



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This only confirms what Beliebers around the world have long suspected.. That Selena Gomez was a bad influence on Justin.. The fact that she was always the older one and a legal age adult of 18 when she first started dating him while he was only 16 proves she had more influence over him. Justin never exhibited bad behaviors until he started dating her, all the break ups further escalated his bad behaviors.. At least Justin stuck with smoking weed, and was not a drunk like she is.

254 days ago


Just shows you what this guy has become. To make these comments about someone he supposedly cared about shows his character . This kid is lost, and apparently his parents and any real friends he had are more concerned with benefitting from his wealth, fame, and lack of good judgement than they are with trying to help him do the right things. Kind of sad

254 days ago


i love you justin bieber

254 days ago


tmz, you tried
congratulations on trying to ruin another life after you helped getting justin bieber into a deep depression! you might do the same to selena, very happy you guys can achieve such things!

254 days ago


why cant we all have fun in our teens. oh yea cameras flashing to make money on our falls..

254 days ago


Two cute little girls.

254 days ago


Hmmm, I have never seen pics of Selena "out of control". If she was really that bad it would have come out by now. Not a fan but why try to bring a person down when they are seeking help? Also, I bet they don't really know why she went to rehab. People don't only go for substance abuse. Both Justin and Selena only say nice things about each least in the media.

254 days ago


poor Selena Gomez but i know its not true what it said because the paparazzi they never tell the truth about famous people the paparazzi just tell lies to make the famous peoples lives more interesting for the people to read or to know to make the people more stupid a bit but Selena i love you i am a big fan take my advice to make the people be a very big fans of yours is to stay how you are and not to date the people that your fans don't like ok !!!!

254 days ago


Justin didn't ever say that! u guys are really ****ed u believe that? TMZ u're not normal. and that was his fault.He broke her heart and why are u judging Selena??? **** u!

254 days ago


Paranoia runs rampant as hundreds of thousands in U.S. sign a petition to deport Bieber.
Petitioners, shame on you! Way sick! JB’s misdemeanor antics are just that, nothing more.
Why not investigate all of these petitioners and publish all of their past transgressions.
White House plans to respond to this mass bulling petition. Pray cooler heads prevail.
Hopefully the U.S. recommends psychiatric support for all of these paranoid petitioners.
The real threat to the U.S. comes from these paranoid petitioners, not from some kid.
These petitioners are showing a very sick side of their societies’ mass bulling choices.
Poor choices are responsible for murders and suicides of our children everywhere.
If you don't like him, get over it, stalking and bulling is just wrong. You could be next.
Please silent majority, we must take a stand and protect our children from mass bulling.

254 days ago


I believe it. There are countless videos of Miss Selena Gomez stumbling out of places drunk, and needing to be carried to her car. As much as I hate saying Justin Bieber is right, and I never want to have to say it again, he is.

254 days ago


They cry that they were out-drank and out-smoked by a girl. What losers.

254 days ago


now he's putting every thing he did on selena what the !!!!!!

254 days ago


he says she's out of control? well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black

254 days ago


You, child have no guidance, nor stabile morals, compassion or spiritual upbringing. Shame on your family for only valuing monetary stability. What you have only last for a fleeting moment. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY BECAUSE REALITY HITS HARD!! DAMN THE DEVIL FOR CHILDREN THAT HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT THE FUTURE!!!

254 days ago
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