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Starbucks to Dumb Starbucks

You Can Roast Us

But You Can't Use Our Name

2/10/2014 8:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Starbucks CLAIMS it has a sense of humor over a new coffee shop that became a celeb magnet over the weekend -- Dumb Starbucks -- but deep down Starbucks is dead serious about shutting its dumb namesake down.

Dumb Starbucks opened in Los Feliz over the weekend ... looking almost exactly like a real Starbucks right down to the logo.

It almost immediately became a thing ... with lines going down the block.  Celebs like Rainn Wilson and others waited patiently for their java along with common folk.

The people at Dumb Starbucks say what they're doing is perfectly legal because it's a parody ... and parody is protected under the law.  It also claims to be an art gallery and not a coffee shop ... so they're not making coffee, they're creating art.

The real Starbucks tells TMZ .. while it appreciates the humor, "they cannot use our name, which is a protected trademark."

Translation -- get ready for a lawsuit, you Dumb Starbucks.


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The Leighton A.    

So many comments by those who refuse to believe that earning money requires a job.

255 days ago


I can't believe that people throw away money on this stuff every day.

255 days ago

Bossy Potato    

I wonder what will win in court. Trademark or parody?

255 days ago


Dumb Starbucks will lose this battle. They are using the actual, unaltered Starbucks logo in their "parody", which to be qualified under parody law needs to be altered so people clearly know it's a spoof and don't confuse the two.

255 days ago


I've seen these people's statement on this and they clearly have no idea on the limits of parody and fair use. Someone with actual creativity could have done this in a far funnier and entertaining way that would actually be a parody.

255 days ago


Unfortunately this is why we have so many stupid laws on the books. It is because of idiots like this. If you business is to do parody, then have at it. If your business is to merely parody the name of and compete with another business, then there is no way this should stand up. What is next? Smart Starbucks, Silly Starbucks, I hate Starbucks, Starbucks walks into a bar with a baby gorilla, Starbucks Starbucks.
We have to have stupid laws because common sense is not common.

255 days ago


Pure marketing genius ! Look at all this free advertising! they will change, after getting all this free attention!

255 days ago


They will be sued and they will lose!

255 days ago


I think it's awesome to see someone do this finally, why? Cause since dumb people go here to pay millions for a stupid cup of coffee, you have to call this place Dumb Starbucks since your dumb enough to pay all that money. . Makes total sense now

255 days ago


I'm working at Starbucks while a full time student and there is a reason why pricing is higher. Starbucks coffee is grown in the utter farmed perfection while perfectly humane (Starbucks farmers only farm for Starbucks and are part of Starbucks payroll). The product is a GREEN, quality, no bull**** product and that is why you pay more. You want a company that could give a rat's ass about where their product comes from go to McDonalds and get your coffee along with you slime produced chicken nuggets.

255 days ago


Thats Nathan Fielder's work! Its for his show Nathan For You on Comedy Central! AWESOME!!!!

255 days ago

Pure Evil    

This had potential to be funny, but the name Dumb Starbucks makes no sense.

254 days ago

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