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Samuel L. Jackson

DESTROYS News Anchor

I'm Not Laurence Fishburne, YOU MORON!!!

2/10/2014 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This is the MOST PAINFUL interview we've ever watched -- an L.A. news anchor just mistook Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne ... on live TV ... and Sam Jackson completely lost it.

Jackson was sitting for an interview about his new movie "RoboCop" this morning on KTLA -- and for some reason, Entertainment anchor Sam Rubin decided to ask Sam Jackson about his new Super Bowl commercial.

But there's a HUGE problem -- because Sam Jackson did NOT do a Super Bowl commercial this year. Laurence Fishburne did. And that's when Sam Jackson GOES OFF on Rubin.

Rubin scrambles like 90s cable porn ... and desperately tried to apologize ... but Jackson will NOT let him off the hook. It's amazing.





Sam Rubin is not having a good day ... and it just got worse.

Hours after the KTLA reporter got his ass REAMED by Samuel L. Jackson for mistaking him for Laurence Fishburne during a live interview, he tried to take TMZ to task for the way we covered the story.

Problems is, TMZ doesn't like being taken to task ... especially when we're right.

That's when Evan stepped in and engaged Rubin in an enlightening civil discussion about their respectful disagreements ... just kidding ... THEY WENT OFF ON EACH OTHER!!!!!

It was all out war on "TMZ Live" .... ya gotta check out the clip!!!!!

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Just because he apologized what does that mean? He's the entertainment reporter he is supposed to have his information correct. He apologized because they were live & he was embarrassed how do you think Samuel felt being mistaken for someone who does not look or sound like him? We do not all look, sound, or act alike that just goes to show how people like to put us all in 1 category. Samuel was upset as he should have been why should he shut up because he offered an apology?

220 days ago


It's the same for black people too. All white men look alike.

220 days ago


Give Sam a break. So he misspoke. Now they call that racial More than one has misspoken about a white person. So what.. What isn't now days. I for one enjoy the staff of the morning show. Sam does a great job. Makes the show enjoyable.

220 days ago

News Flash     

Sam Rubin no worries TMZ gotch you, even tho they said you scrambled like 90's cable porn. ( hilarious )

220 days ago


I confuse them too. IT'S NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK. Race had nothing to do with this mistake. Anyone can confuse anyone, white or black. He turned this into a race issue which made Jackson look like a jackass. It was funny at first but he got carried away and made it a bigger deal then it should have been. IT really says that Jackson has an ego issue himself. G-d forbid anyone confuses him with anyone. Especially when he does credit card commercials. If your going to be a bottom feeder and do commercials for these companies then get over yourself and allow for mistakes once in a while. Jackson sounds like an over reactionary egotistical idiot.

220 days ago


Is Jackson really that thin skinned? So what if the guy made a mistake? Is Jackson really perfect or does he just think he is? Bet if someone took him for Obama, he wouldn't say a word!

Many actors have been taken for another. The difference is that those actors have more class and just take it as a mistake by a human being!

220 days ago


This is ridiculous..Sam Rubin made a mistake.
Not quite sure why Samuel Jackson thinks he is above mistakes. Clearly he could not let it go & acted as if it was a conspiracy rather than a innocent mistake. He needs a reality check.
Oh and Evan...what's up with your attitude? you gossip for a living.

220 days ago

pete smolan    

will try again, jackson is an ******* of the first order! ignorant, talentless, immaterial, "po me" attitude
and a bunch more!

220 days ago

pete smolan    

sammie jackson is an ******* of the first order! arrogant, irrelevant, talentless and a bunch more!!!

220 days ago


I mean. They are both racist pieces of **** (See tweets from Obama Election), so whats the difference really?

220 days ago


i liked Samuel J better in the Lethal Weapon movies...

220 days ago

tom slick    

Ya see....I thought it was..BUCKWHEAT of the Little Rascle's-really! Jackson IS racist but in all reality- even White guys look alike...NO ONE else though is as RUINED as JACKSON!!!

220 days ago


This could all be easily avoided if Hollywood would stop giving Sam Jackson every role that comes along and give them to someone who can act instead.

219 days ago


A comp0lete lack of class and manners by Jackson.

219 days ago


The reporter should have....CUT HIM OFF!

219 days ago
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