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Sticky Fingaz

George Zimmerman Shouldn't Be Boxing ...

Someone Should Shoot That Ni**a!

2/10/2014 8:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sticky Fingaz won't be satisfied seeing George Zimmerman knocked out in a boxing ring -- instead the Onyx rapper wants to see him SHOT ... and wasn't afraid to say it on camera.

Sticky laid down a major rant this weekend when we asked about the Zimmerman boxing match being canceled, telling us ... "Everybody gonna be mad at me for saying this, but I don't give two s**ts. Somebody should f**king clap that ni**a!" 

Ironically, his rant came just hours after Trayvon Martin's own family held a rally for peace to mark what would have been his 19th birthday.

Sticky is not in a forgiving place, adding ... "Zimmerman is not a f**king celebrity. He's a f**king savage animal that killed a young black teen." 

He had a lot more to say about Zimmerman boxing, and who he'd like to see in the ring with him.


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I'm sure he turns a blind eye to the knockout game or anything where blacks hit and kill others. And sticky fingers... Change your name... We are all thinking one thing as to how you got that name.

257 days ago


someone should clappity-clap-clap-clap George Zimmerman...rapid fire claps

257 days ago


That reflects the evolution and the status quo of black people in that country: most of them are still dumb slaves, talk like slaves, act like slaves . . . and they wonder why they get shot by brave men like Zimmerman??

257 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Unquestionably, it is difficult for many, to come to terms with the Violence that transpired between two individuals under the darkness of Night.
Yet evidence was presented to a jury, and
a verdict was issued. Regardless of the opinions or
desires of others, Truth always prevails.

Clearly, Mr. Fingaz has a propensity towards Violence
and a profound disregard for Truth, itself.
Perhaps, himself in-need of Prayer. Or, Wall-to-Wall Counseling. Either, I'd be most willing to provide, at no-cost. Merely another Public Service.

The Declaration of 2008

257 days ago


Stinky Fingers or whatever the hell he's called should should keep his damn mouth shut. Its because of talk like that, that people will continue to hate each other. Stupidity like him needs to stay out of the media.

257 days ago


MLK would not approve.

257 days ago


What a stupid remark, you don't tell people to pop someone. You learn to live with the verdict and work to prevent the incident from happening again. That's what's seriously wrong with this country.

257 days ago


TMZ, stop finding every obscure rapper you can to comment on this situation!! STOP GIVING ATTENTION TO THIS CHILD KILLER!!!!!

257 days ago

Matt m    

Who is sticky never heard of him. George Zimmerman is a national treasure a hero. Zimmerman for the whitehouse 2016

257 days ago


I'm sure if he was asked about OJ, he would say, 'he was found innocent in the court if law, so we have to respect that'... Because whites got killed. But if it is the other way around, the court doesn't matter and he wishes death on someone.

257 days ago


Nice! So he is preaching peace by saying someone should be "clapped" Klassy klip you got there.

257 days ago



If people would just look at the FACTS.

What a Moron this guy is.

257 days ago


No word from "Sticky" yet on thousands of white people killed by blacks or the thousands of blacks killed by blacks every year. One bandwagon at a time I suppose...

257 days ago


I'm no fan of Zimmerman or Trayvon. They both seemed like tools. The proposed boxing match was inappropriate. However, this loser "sticky fingaz" doesn't have anything to say about the numerous daily black on black murders. It just makes people feel good, I suppose, to point fingers, while ignoring your own guilt.

257 days ago


Somebody should and somebody will one day...

257 days ago
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