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Lindsay Lohan

On the Edge of Incredible

She Crushes Stevie Nicks Live [VIDEO]

2/12/2014 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's the first glimmer of pre-meltdown Lindsay Lohan we've seen in a long time -- she took the stage last night at some financier's NYC birthday to perform a classic Stevie Nicks song ... and she hit it out of the park.

Lindsay was at the Four Seasons -- where NY Republican Party Finance Committee chairman Matthew Mellon was celebrating his 50th birthday -- and she sang Stevie's "Edge of Seventeen" for the crowd.

Lindsay's had a love affair with "Edge of Seventeen" for years -- she's performed it live before and even featured a cover of the song on her 2005 album "A Little More Personal" ... a year after starring in "Mean Girls."

Lindsay previously expressed interest in playing Stevie Nicks in a biopic about the Fleetwood Mac singer -- but Stevie refused to grant permission as long as Lindsay had substance abuse problems.

But now that you've seen the video ... and it appears Lindsay is cleaning herself up ... we gotta ask ...


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Luis Enrique    

Such garbage. Both the video and her attempt to perform the Queens music.

252 days ago


Lindsay made a big mistake playing Liz Taylor what a joke. But she's not that bad and I hope she makes it this time. Remember what Stevie was like? Woman was a mess but didn't have paparazzi hassling her back then, about her sleeping with her drummer in a drunken affair, her brains nearly exploding from coke and her nose collapsed snorting so much. Plus that other rumor how she used to take coke...

I don't want Reese Witherspoon playing the role she might be classier but she's too cheesy and with her in it, it would be too sanitized.

A better test would be Rhiannon her real signature song. I love Stevie despite her past, but don't know how I feel about a movie.

252 days ago


Stevie was a strange mix - small, ethereal woman who could belt out a blues roar. I love her voice and how she harmonized in Fleetwood Mac but there were many who used to criticize it. She only got in Mac because of Lindsay and people saw her as a weak link at first and thought she couldn't sing. If Lindsay's voice is rough and husky so was Stevie's in the lower register. She has now lost the high register completely but still great, still magic.

Please just don't let Miley Cyrus play her...

252 days ago


Ok I know there are these very strange people on here that are obsessed with Lohan and ONLY post on stories about Lohan and also have pictures of Lohan as there avatar. Ok you guys can hate her all you want but there is no disputing the fact that she i can sing and did a good cover of that song. There is no background track playing she is singling along with th e beat not the vocals. The vocals are all hers. This is hilarious that people have to insult her about everything even when she's just having fun singing a song and is not trying to get any recognition from it all. It was just a fun thing she did and for some reason all of you have to insult her for it. I really don't get why these people spend so much time of there lives insulting someone they've never met on the comment section for tmz.

252 days ago

Suzy Q     

I see this sad excuse for news is still limping along.

Andy, Zephyr, I stand in awe of your persistence, but I precog that by Sunday night, this section will be dead and I will be Queen.

Right Stevie?

252 days ago

Kamila Marques    

OMG!!! I miss this Lindsay! I love this song! Lindsay is amazing when she's singing!

251 days ago

Suzy Q     


I'm Queen of the Lohan Dead Head Thread. Again!

250 days ago

Suzy Q     

24 hours earlier than predicted!!

I'm Fookin' AMAZING.

I humbly accept.

250 days ago

Suzy Q     

Take THAT, Bear!!!

250 days ago


What Lohan lover wrote this article?She Crushes Stevie Nicks? Lol. I do like Lindsay Lohan but she's no Stevie Nicks. Her version of this song sounds generic. It lacks the true soul of Stevie Nicks version. I can't see her playing Stevie Nicks in a movie either. I do like her as an actress but she's wrong for the part.

249 days ago

Suzy Q     

Nolan almost took the crown from me as the last dead head on the Dead Head Thread.....but here I am.......


244 days ago


I don't know what half of you people are smoking. I'm by far a Lindsey Lohan supporter (if there even is such a thing XD ) but I think she sounded pretty incredible in that clip. Especially considering the piss poor quality of the audio. It was kind of shocking really. I didn't know she could actually really sing :O Maybe this is a sign she's turning things around?

240 days ago


LOL! The GOP must be so proud!

232 days ago
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