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Lindsay Lohan

On the Edge of Incredible

She Crushes Stevie Nicks Live [VIDEO]

2/12/2014 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's the first glimmer of pre-meltdown Lindsay Lohan we've seen in a long time -- she took the stage last night at some financier's NYC birthday to perform a classic Stevie Nicks song ... and she hit it out of the park.

Lindsay was at the Four Seasons -- where NY Republican Party Finance Committee chairman Matthew Mellon was celebrating his 50th birthday -- and she sang Stevie's "Edge of Seventeen" for the crowd.

Lindsay's had a love affair with "Edge of Seventeen" for years -- she's performed it live before and even featured a cover of the song on her 2005 album "A Little More Personal" ... a year after starring in "Mean Girls."

Lindsay previously expressed interest in playing Stevie Nicks in a biopic about the Fleetwood Mac singer -- but Stevie refused to grant permission as long as Lindsay had substance abuse problems.

But now that you've seen the video ... and it appears Lindsay is cleaning herself up ... we gotta ask ...


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Nicks is a very difficult voice to mimic, everybody just makes their own voice "raspy" and it rarely works. The voice in they video sounds very close but it's hard to tell with the quality and sounds like she's singing with someone else, maybe just over Nicks vocals. I don't think she shouldn't play Nicks because she's had addictions, Stevie had addictions. I don't think she should play her just because she isn't nearly as beautiful as Stevie is. She can't capture that same look.

219 days ago


I have no musical talent at all but I know what I like and that was not it.

219 days ago


Hahahahahahaha!!! Ummmm. No.

219 days ago


"Stevie refused to grant permission as long as Lindsay had substance abuse problems"---- Nicks has snorted up Peru and banged everyone she ever worked with. NOW, she has morals?

219 days ago


This is pure GARBAGE!

219 days ago


Tmz, I have no idea why you are always up this b*tches ass. Honestly, you guys said she would probably get a Oscar nom for playing Liz Taylor, then after watching it, you realized just like everyone else, how f*cking horrible she is at acting and what a joke it was. So why the f*ck do you think she would make a good actress playing f*cking anyone again at this point???

Especially when there are so many more talented and deserving actresses out there??? She can't sing and she can't act and she barely ever could anyway. She is overrated just like so many other "celebrities".

What movies has she done that makes everyone think she is such a great f*cking actress and it was the drugs that f*cked it all up?? Mean Girls?? Freaky Friday??Thats it?? Dumb popular teeny bop movies, that so many celebrities get famous from sh*t like that too???

That doesn't make her a great actress. She is not the only one who has gotten so much attention from sh*tty teen movies. It doesn't make her oscar worthy.

Whata a f*cking joke. Stfu about this old looking drug addict. She will never get her sh*t together, she has had WAY too many chances. F*ck her already. You have terrible taste tmz.

219 days ago


How in the hell did you spin this into her playing Stevie Nix in a movie when all she did was grab a mike at a party were the were playing a Stevie Nix song and another woman was singing it by the way....a spin it to make it look like Lindsay was a featured singer...? DM has the photos from a angle that clearly show a nother woman singing right next to her....and several photos of Lindsay hanging all over and I mean hanging on for dear life...and kissing people men and she was high as a kite and everybody's friend.....LOL....Trying to out do Paris Hilton and her sister who was also working the party.....And it is without a doubt she is "working" that party as they now call it......As for her playing Stevie Nix never in a million years.....Another dreamed up job by Dina and Lindsay.....

219 days ago


What a bunch of Pathetic self-rightous losers' comments .... she sounded great ... none of you all would recognize if music were any good or not because you're so use to hearing the same beat and rythem rap for so long

219 days ago


If I was really drunk with an ear infection and people screaming at me while a train antgoes by and plane flys overhead she would sound just still she wouldn't,,she can't remmber own name muchless song lyrics

219 days ago


I love Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. This is a bleeping insult. God I wish this slag would disappear. She's not back and not sober. I can go to any trash dive bar on Thursday nite karaoke and hear better.

219 days ago


There is no way in hell Lohan should play Stevie Nicks. I am LMAO just thinking about it.

219 days ago


Littlewhores,dina and now tmz want her to be something so about finish highschool,she only had a couple of years left..and get a job like everyone else.she only pissed away 30 million to sing in a hotel bar like milly vanilly.

219 days ago


I dont want to toot my own horn but I can sing that way better than that.. TOOT TOOT! Stevie Nicks is my idol and that did her song injustice, sorry only my opinion. I have nothing against Lindsay I just dont like how she sang the song. To each is own though, I give her credit for trying, its a hard song to sing.

219 days ago


Who says she has talent? So stop shoving the lies Oprah that she's sober and TMZ that she "Crushed It." How many times does this slag have to prove she isn't talented? She's just a run of the mill former child star brat turned junkie, that's all. What happened to the staff she was in the process of hiring for her movie that will never happen? That we are now going on three weeks on as to when she said she would have that team in place? How about a follow up to that?

219 days ago


She Killed it alright. Mangled, Destroyed, Killed, and Murdered it, then ate it and **** it out at this party.

219 days ago
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