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'Thicker Than Water' Star

ARRESTED For Turning Her Kid Into a Truant

2/18/2014 9:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooklyn Tankard -- one of the stars of Bravo's "Thicker than Water" -- won't be winning any Mom of the Year awards ... she just got popped for allowing her kid to skip school.

Tankard -- known as "Queen Brooklyn" on the show -- was stopped by cops in Murfreesboro, Tennessee for a traffic offense ... and a license check turned up some outstanding warrants ... including one for "Failure to Cause Child to Attend School."

According to court docs ... Tankard's 10-year-old daughter, Diamond, had 16 unexcused absences from school ... and had another 35 unexcused tardies. 

So they arrested Brooklyn for not forcing her kid to go to school. 

She was booked and released.


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I absolutely hate this reality show

191 days ago


with that goofy hair do all it needs is clown shoes

191 days ago


Damn shame! Her broke ass prolly didn't have gas lol

191 days ago


What really burns my azz is this young woman has EVERY OPPORTUNITY IN THE WORLD to be a decent productive parent. She has NO excuse - she is self centered, lazy, and has more Pity Parties than anyone I know!! If you don't advantage of your blessings, they will slide right over to someone else who will appreciate them!!!

191 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

what do they expect parents to do? if you don't want to turn your child into some ignorant liberal left communist imbecile, where is she supposed to send her kid to school? well, that would be my problem. i'd be damned if i had to send my kid to some american public school and learn how to be someone's nasty little freaky sex minion. then i'd rather have my kid not be educated at all. until the state creates an alternative, i think she has every right to keep her kid out of school, for her own safety (because what if she establishes that she is on the waste grade human level during this process? what should she do then? give in to it? that is not healthy for a child.). and i am not talking about sending them to private school. no. an american public school where you are not being brainwashed by some zionist freakin liberal communist bullcrap.

191 days ago


Oink oink the so called Queen of Brooklyn is an embarrassment to Brooklyn, just like the Queen in the White House Michelle O.

191 days ago


Homeschool. Problem solved.

191 days ago


Come on people this is not what it sounds like! School policy states that 2 tardies count as 1 absence. Ok yes, she needs to get the kid to school on time but to spin the story to make her sound like a unfit parent. Talk about trying to to turn a mole hill into a mountain! Bigger Cheese!

191 days ago


It was dismissed on Friday. See the article in Tennessean news.

177 days ago



177 days ago


OMG!!!!! THIS IS HILARIOUS!! i live in nashville tn seen brooklyn at all the ghetto clubs in crappy parts of nashville. I just saw her cheesy interview on news +5....didnt know she made this low budget show on crackn up how she speaks on god and blessings ect...and she cant even bring her child up right. This aint the first time shes done this. She is showing diamond that education aint important!! So sad...i dont think much of this brooklyn chick cuz me and my friends saw her back in the day drinkn and getn drunk with all of in disbelief she made it on TMZ reeeeeeally people!! Her daddy helps her every step of the way get ahead with no college!! As for her brother benji baaaaaha they sure did make him look famous...he is a dj for tsu a low budget college...he aint never done any dj work at any major club fowntown nashville...his daddy pays his way to.....i cant believe this fake ass family...its all for money people not genuine or sincere at all...brooklyn get a grip girl get ur child thru school STOP GLAMOURIZING FAKE FAME...IN THE END DIAMOND WILL END UP LIKE U...let her be a little girl...i hope u figure out not everybody cares for fake people...if u was real genuine and the person u portray to be I WOULDNT BE WRITING glad i was up to watch ur interview. It gave us a great laugh!! Nice mugshot by the way...obviously u arent loved by everybody in nashville! They sold ur mugshot thats free online to get!! Wise up girl...seriously!!!

158 days ago
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