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Miley Cyrus

Here's My Ass, There's My Ma and Pa

2/21/2014 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus showed her mama what she got from her -- and her daddy too -- at a very intimate concert Thursday night in Anaheim. 

Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus seemed ... interested in their daughter's gyrations and self-gratification as they looked on.

There's a lot for them to be proud of ... Miley is rich, successful and famous at the ripe age of 21.  And she has a great ass and a vaginal obsession.

Congrats Billy Ray and Tish. Good work.



No Avatar


She has gone full on whore. She is pretty pathetic and even Billy Ray has gone scrub with all that hair.

154 days ago

Nobody Special    

Kevin Federline will be around soon to Knock-Her-Up, then she will start doing crack and meth.

154 days ago


What a sad person. She feels she has to degrade herself to get attention and in the process she's become a laughing stock. Miley...oink, oink

154 days ago


What ass?

154 days ago


I think tmz worded it wrong. She has an obsession for a great ass, not she has a great ass. You have to have an ass for it to be great.

154 days ago


This is the type of career an entertainer has when they don't have a powerful voice or anything meaningful to say. As long as they're willing to show their vajayjay and ass they can have a career. No wonder Thor's brother dropped your like nasty $1 cheeseburger. My fiance's 21 yr old gay brother just loves her. He's dumb as a bag rocks as well if that says anything. It's not art, what she's doing, it's less entertaining more disgusting sideshow ****. She's disposable always was and always will be.

She claims to be advocate for the marijuana movement but yet she hasn't done any public speaking about it or really anything for the cause. Other than "finding a joint" in her purse in Europe at an award show which clearly was a publicity stunt. It's people like her that make it difficult for people like me and others to be taken seriously. She's never going to understand what being an adult is because she won't ever have too.

As long as people keep pandering to her and her clam burger she's never going to grow up. We have people with real talent dying with needles in their arms but she can't get stoned and go play in traffic! That's the real tragedy.

154 days ago

News Flash     

Where's her Obama?

154 days ago

News Flash     

Let's see Billy Ray explain that one on The View. Ha ha

154 days ago


She's the new madonna!! Ho Ho Ho!!!

154 days ago

Nobody Special    

It's really funny Molly Virus uses that small Donk Looking Green Car with the Big Spinner Rims as one of her props, she is trying so hard to be a Gangsta Rapper.

But she will always be, Golly Ms. Molly, Hanna Montana.

Many of the Rappers are doing her dirty, and passing her around.

They is no amount of money that would get me to Bangerz her. Poor Molly Virus is a Walking HeppaTitus, 56STDs, Crabs, Lobsters and other vermin inside her Public holes.

Any smart person would know a night with Molly Virus, would be a Day in the Clinic.
I can feel the critters crawling up my unit right now.

She is trying to be Madonna and it's not working. Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour was one of her best, I went to a few of them.
Madonna was sexy.

154 days ago


I hope she sterilized her hand afterwards, so gross

154 days ago


what a nasty pig, STD's-R-US

154 days ago


Lol a great ass!! Her ass looks like it belongs to an old lady.........Don't give credit where it isn't due ;)

154 days ago


Classy...if I danced like that on matter my front of my parents...they would be dragging my a$$ off stage...locking my a$$ away, until I got my sh!t together

154 days ago


Well she aint giving it free ....she gettin well pay for her ass to be watch by millions

154 days ago
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