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Joe Jackson

Someone Bailed Me Out of Tax Debt

2/24/2014 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson has a mysterious benefactor ... who just bailed him out of tax debt ... and we think we know who that person is.

Joe owed just over $70,000 in back California taxes ... way back, as in 1996. 

Joe just didn't pay ... but suddenly -- 4 days ago -- the debt was cleared.

Joe doesn't have a lot of spare cash lying around these days, so who paid the dough? It's highly unlikely/out of the question that the Michael Jackson Estate anted up for Joe.

So the logical person is the one we're going with -- Katherine Jackson, who gets around $100K a month from the Estate. And even though Katherine and Joe don't live together, he has a lot of influence over her. And there's this ... his last known address is Katherine's house.

Educated guess, but we'd put money on it.



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I cannot understand the hate for this man here, Hollywood destroyed a good
black family but that's not what you all see.
If Katherine had not met Joe Jackson she probably would still be down in Alabama cleaning white folks house and he didn't have to discipline all those children they had, he could have just let them run the damn streets and become drug dealers and every one would be happy now.Oh yeah and we black people still don't know how MJ produced pure white kids can someone say DNA please?

206 days ago


Ah yes, big bad pappa Joe still living off the fruit of his loins and using fear to manipulate that old woman.

He's been playing that same game since the 1960...'s! All those parasites live together, support a common whore to "service" the male heirs and provide more parasitic, unwanted kids for future generations to tolerate. WAY TO GO! Way to lead by example in 3 generations of Jackson's! Good grief! These people are the perfect illustration of "welfare logic" despite having money to burn they still conduct themselves like wild animals on a farm... never actually standing on their own feet or bettering themselves or their constant offspring.

Hey society - are you paying attention?!? This is how our society got to where it is today... useless wastes of people like this.

206 days ago


Not much of a surprise . . the whole family (except Janet) lived off Michael. Does anyone REALLY think Katherine has not been giving this loser dough all along ? Or Jermaine or . . .

206 days ago


what are they gonna do when those kids turn 18.smh

206 days ago


So you have to declare your sponged off income? MJ was around in 96', so why wasnt this paid again. has nothing to do with current money wowes.

206 days ago


So, if MJ's family was sucking all of this money from him, then how did Joe end up with UNpaid tax problems. I don't think that MJ actually gave them that much. He helped, but I don't think that they were suckin money from him like that.

206 days ago

She's baaaack    

Of course it was Kathryn. It's always Kathryn. It was Kathryn way back in the old days when he beat, isolated and humiliated his children, especially the little boy MJ into being a money-making robot because the money kept rolling in and that was just fine with Kathryn. She turned a blind eye and deaf ear just so long as the money came in. She's as much of a monster as he is.

206 days ago


The $6,000,000 loan Katie took was to pay off the deadbeats bills. No Jackson should have control of that money

206 days ago


First of all those Rat Bastard Pale Kids that are NOT his are lucky. They will NEVER!!! be a Jackson. Not Blood. Michael was so messed up what a shame on him. I don't care what Michael and his family have been through they made him. Joe Made him, if Michael didn't like being rich he could have given it up. Michael loved being in show business. As for those Kids that are not his, I don't give a damn if he adopted them they aint his. Michael had nothing but self hate for himself. He should have only given those kids 1 million each. The rest should have gone to his mother!

206 days ago


Why do they always need bailed out? This family has made enough money for ten lifetimes and they are always broke?

206 days ago

Joe the plumber    

That's one hell of a lot of food stamps!

206 days ago


I love my Black Men but sometimes they can be so Naive. Example Michael Jackson. Stop giving people who oppressed your people Money. GIve your money to your own community. Some people never learn. Adopting them and leaving them money millions that could have gone to your people. Do you see any other race doing that?????

206 days ago


?? Joe Who ??

206 days ago


Obviously it was Katherine. At the end of the day, Joe is her husband, so she'll naturally feel obligated to look out for his best interests.

206 days ago

miss b    

Did somebody buy all of Joe's horrible stinky "Michael Jackson tribute Cologne"?

That stuff was awful.

206 days ago
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