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Tech Millionaire Sues

You Hosed My Ritzy Party

2/25/2014 12:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Akon knows how to spoil a birthday ... pocketing $125K to sing at a rich businessman's private party in Kuala Lumpur ... then allegedly canceling two days before his performance.

Patrick Grove -- an Aussie tech entrepreneur living in Malaysia -- claims he booked Akon for the private birthday bash last April ... working out all of the logistics with Akon's people and paying $125K in advance.

But Grove says he learned two days before the event the "Smack That" singer would be a no-show ... and was told it was because Akon wouldn't be anywhere near Malaysia because his Australian tour had been canceled.

Now Grove -- who's worth about $85 million -- wants his money back -- and then some.


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Did he not even give the money back? If not he's a thief. He could have easily flown to Malaysia.

243 days ago


Where he is? I's only see a dark smudge,where B dat man?

243 days ago


why don't these people who must hire celebrities/performers just pay half to hold their time and pay the remaining when they ACTUALLY PERFORM!!

243 days ago

Kev the Realist    

First of all all these rich people are stupid. If any performer demands to be paid 100% up fron tell them to eff off. Nobody should pay a n yone for anything where you need to pay 100% up fr ont. Worst case, when you are dealing with some du mb d ass diva ( male or female) pay at most 1/3 down and the bal;ance in an escrow account at a bank, when these s***bags show up they get paid, if they dont they forfeit the balance. Also have a contract that your advisors agree to, not the "so called standard contract that thesedivas demand. If they don't like it tell them to get lost and get someone else.

243 days ago

Black Adam    

Who is this Idiot, and why does he have so many stories on this site?

243 days ago


This performer is a thief! No matter where he is before the Malaysian concert, he could get his @$$ there for the concert, no problem!

243 days ago


Why is it that EVERY TIME I read anything about Akon, it is NEVER good. It's ALWAYS bad!! Akon is just a piece of crap and just a troublemaker. The sooner he goes away, the better.

243 days ago

Joe the plumber    

They'd have to pay me 125K to have to listen to his ****!

243 days ago

Y.T. Houx    

what idiot pays a niqqer up front????? the rule for dealing with niqqers are 1) avoid dealing w/niqqers 2) if you must deal w/niqqers, demand to be paid upfront before providing any service/product, and never pay niqqers up for anything

243 days ago


Haha, for all u peckerwoods using the n word....we will stay robbin ya dumb a$$es cuz pail people arr dumb...we will stay fu@ken ya daughters and they will stay lovin us....u can call us ni@@ers all u want, we will ALWAYS get the last laugh and ya slutty daughters and put they a$$ on the track and sell em back to ya'll.....yea boi.....

243 days ago

Pure Evil    

Turning down $125k plus whatever the balance was, because you're not going to be in the area? Seriously, like he had something better to do. In 10 years he won't have $125k to his name.

243 days ago


There is your problem right there - hiring Akon to sing.

241 days ago

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