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Chris Brown

Honored By Ex-Felons

He's One Of Us Now

2/26/2014 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Chris Brown was just honored for his good works in the community ... by a group of ex-felons.

Chris was given the "Second Chance At Loving Life Award" by 2ndCall -- an organization that works with ex-cons and "others who society disregards" by helping them with anger management and self-esteem issues.

Leaders of the group tell TMZ ... so much negative attention is focused on Chris' hijinks ... they wanted to celebrate his good deeds -- like the time he donated 1,000 pairs of kicks to poor kids.

2ndCall says if it's able to help convicted murderers win a second chance ... then surely Chris deserves another shot, too ... and says it hopes to partner with him on more charitable projects.



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Fist Brown is still a woman beating face bashing animal

236 days ago

Corrina Williams    

I'm so proud of u baby!! Dont let them lifeless haters ruin u...I know u changed and I stayed by u ever since u hit your whore ex rhianna!! I know what u did was a stupid mistake,I forgive u!! Others should too!!

236 days ago

Corrina Williams    

People dont get he grew..he not the same little kid who hot rhianna was!! He changed!! And if this doesnt prove that,I dont know what will!! People praise pot head bieber for what he does,but hate on chris cause he made one stupid mistake!! Like come on..cut him a break.he got help,went to rehab,left,and now he a changed man!! Just let him be happy for once,he dont need pathetic haters in his life!! He got kae,family/friends!! Thats all he needs..and his precious fans

236 days ago


2nd Chance might also be looking for that big donation ($$$$) from the woman beater.

236 days ago

Joe the plumber    

What an honor! What's next? The wife beaters award of the year?

236 days ago

Corrina Williams    

Omg!! Y'all arw so retarded!!! Listen to me!! Leave him the help alone!! He didnt do anything wrong,stop bringing up bull that happened over 5 years ago...she took him back,she forgave him,his fans forgave him!! So why can't u people let that go!! He went to rehab to change himself,and become the real man he is.look at that pic..he happy!! What's wrong with him changing his ways and growing up,its like non of u wanna accept that!! Justin bieber goes to jail for speeding and drinking...oh it was a mistake he young,etc...but chris brown hits one girl apologizes for it over and over again and never did it afterwards..oh he a beater,a loser,pathetic,go to hell!! What's wrong with u?!?

236 days ago


And he will soon be honored by the FFA. No, not the Future Farmers of America but the "Future Felons of America".

236 days ago


Y'all Y'all Y'all …. idiots. CB supporters…. He won't grow up…

236 days ago

Corrina Williams    

All of u are just a bunch of retarded lazy ass haters alright!! No matter what u think,u dont know chris like his fans know him!! We all know what chris did was wrong,and so did chris!! Rhianna took him back,so obviously what he did wasnt that bad!! He begs everyday for your forgiveness..yet y'all are too stupid to understand him.he got his money,fame,girlfriend,family/friends and his real fans (me) to support and love him,only we know the truth.the haters like u just wanna make up lies and ruin his life..he don't need or deserve that over one stupid drunken mistake he made 6 years ago!!how would u feel if u were him? Would u wanna be hated all your life over one mistake?!? Leave him alone for gods sake...he is a grown ass man who changed his ways!! This post proves it

236 days ago


Is album out may 5th yall go buy it

236 days ago


Wow that's something to be proud of? Just another no talent over paid idiot who cannot handle life.

236 days ago


Only time will tell. He's gotta be the one to prove it but people have to give him a chance to. The public has forgiven others for far worse things. I hope he shows everybody he has changed hopefully for the good.

236 days ago


Okay, let me get this straight. If convicted murderers win a second chance, than Chris deserves another shot? Is there something that we do not know about his rap sheet? Weird way to lump him in with murderers.

236 days ago


You've got to be kidding, is this a joke?

236 days ago


He was diagnosed with depression and a.d.d which explains his behavior since he's Bernard on his meds he hasn't gotten in trouble and yet everyone still attacks him but Amanda bynes gets a pass you can't talk crap about her because she is mentally ill but so is he

236 days ago
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