Chris Brown I'm Being Extorted By a Sore Basketball Loser

2/16/2014 12:55 AM PST

Chris Brown -- I'm Being Extorted By a Sore Basketball Loser!


Chris  Brown
is the victim of EXTORTION ... and his lawyer is about to blow the whistle on the alleged evildoer ... so claims Brown's famous lawyer.

Malcolm Ausbon filed a lawsuit against Chris, claiming the rapper and 3 of his goons beat the crap out of him during a pick-up basketball game at 24-Hour Fitness.

TMZ has obtained a letter Ausbon's lawyer sent to Chris' legal eagle, Mark Geragos, demanding $250,000 from Chris ... OR ELSE.  As for the "or else" ... the lawyer says if Brown doesn't pay, "Mr. Ausbon is placed in a position by the LAPD where he needs to decide whether he will press charges."

The lawyer continues, "He would rather be compensated."

THAT, Mark Geragos tells TMZ, is EXTORTION ... cleverly worded extortion, but extortion nonetheless.

Geragos says he's going after Ausbon by filing a police report.

And, by the way, a lawyer in Geragos' office says he met with Ausbon's attorney back in August and the guy admitted Brown never touched his client.  Geragos' lawyer says the other attorney said the guy who struck his client had dreadlocks and it was all captured on video.