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'Party Down South' Stars


We Want 1,400% Pay Raises

3/1/2014 12:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This oughta jar your preserves -- the "Party Down South" hillbillies are getting smuggier than "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ... demanding a 1400% pay increase.

We're told cast members were pulling $500 each per episode for Season 1 -- but now that the show's a success, cast sources say the stars are banding together, demanding $7,500 per episode.

They have some ammo ... "PDS" has quickly become CMT's most successful program ever.

Our sources say CMT is hesitant to cough up the money, but the stars want their raises finalized before they shoot a single frame for Season 2.

We got the cast out Thursday night  ... and they clearly had booze -- not bills -- on their brains.


No Avatar


I'm a fan of replacing them all.

245 days ago


and they are who???????

245 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Open casting call for Party Down South season 2

245 days ago


The show is just ok but, the girl named Maddie is really pretty.

245 days ago

Deer diary    

I've never seen the show nor do I want to. but I do think it's smart of them to band together to try and raise their pay. the show has big ratings, for now, and if they play their cards right, they could earn a lot more money during their stint. pauly d, from jersey shore, is worth $15 million. I don't watch that show either but it's a case in point that these hillbillies, if they're smart, can earn a life times wage in the next couple years. I don't care about the show or their politics or views but I do like it when the underdog sticks together and takes from the man. and whether you like these guys or not, the producers, the network, the managers...these folks are the ones who will be taking the money if the cast doesn' why not! they are the talent, after all, even if they aren't talented. of course it's scripted and they could be replaced...but for the moment, fans, and haters, they know who this cast is...and that's why they are the talent. so, as much as I cringe to say it...I would rather these guys be smart and get the money (which isn't even that much...$7,500?, c'mon!) than the producers of jersey shore. these producers have their money already and if this show fails, like the mtv show buck wild did when Shane died, they will still be loaded. but this cast...the PDS folks, this is their one shot, for now. and they're being smart about it. they're learning from past shows where people have been screwed over and made bad decisions. so to me, it feels like, either you call them stupid rednecks or you acknowledge when they're making smart business decisions. and in this case, in reference to this article, they're making smart decisions, even if they are stupid rednecks. and on a side note, for everyone calling them greedy...$500 per episode when you have the most popular show on the network is hardly greedy. so I'm gonna give credit where credit is due. who knows if they'll be smart with the money they get or if they'll squander it but this is their shot and thus far, they're trying to make the best of it, so I'm going to support that.

245 days ago


are banding together, demanding $7,500 per episode..................SO THEY EACH WANT $30K A MONTH, I HOPE THEY GET CANCELLED

245 days ago


OK this wannabe jersey shore cast needs to stop. No one cares. And who the hell is even watching that show?!

245 days ago


I have honestly never heard of this show but let me break it down for you... these guys get 500 bucks a day to drink beer! They have the best job ever what are they going to do now strike? Give that 1700 to somebody like an ambulance driver not these punks.

245 days ago


They aren't worth a penny. I'm praying they'll end up exactly like the people from the other white trash reality show "Buck Wild"....meaning they'll be dead or in jail soon.

245 days ago

Cool Breeze    

Just do away with these inbred shows...

245 days ago


Why would anybody watch these redneck hillbillies. Do away with this f#ckin show.

245 days ago


Never heard of this show ... I don't know who these people are and I don't care ...

245 days ago


I only checked this out last night, and its a rip off of Buckwild RIP Shane Gandee..... that being said, Viacom loves to Use and abuse nobodies to profit, The Jersey Shore crowd just got lucky... Nobody deserves a sub minimum wage, even if its as easy as getting wasted on camera.... Viacom makes enough from all they do, throw these misfits a bone, whether or not they deserve it

245 days ago


I have never heard of this show, ever!!!

245 days ago


Do you really think these people can't be replaced in a heartbeat?

245 days ago
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