'Party Down South' Star VIDEO Captures Burglary

2/25/2014 12:30 AM PST

'Party Down South' Star -- VIDEO Captures Burglary


TMZ just got VIDEO OF the "Party Down South" star who was busted Sunday in Louisiana for burglarizing a car ... and it's clear this is not a drunken escapade ... it was coldly premeditated.

Check out Lyle Boudreaux scoping out the car.  He seems to know it's unlocked and opens the door without hesitation and makes a beeline for the driver's purse.  He then takes her credit card out of her wallet and prances away ... not looking drunk at all.

Boudreaux was nabbed in a nearby bar after using the credit card to buy drinks.

Boudreaux was arrested for felony burglary of a vehicle.  And judging from the video, he's in big trouble.