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Michael Jackson DNA Test

Organizer Insists Results Are REAL

We Doctored Logo to Make It 'Pretty'

3/7/2014 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The media mogul who organized the DNA test allegedly proving Michael Jackson fathered a son in 1982 insists the results are 100% real -- despite using a laboratory logo that's obviously been doctored -- telling TMZ, the logo was altered to make it look prettier.

Billionaire Alki David released the so-called "results" live on the Internet Thursday -- and after TMZ obtained a copy of the document, we discovered the logo on top wasn't just fake ... it was ripped from "Terminator Salvation."

Now David tells us, "The logo was made by the DNA agency to make it look pretty. Lab documents are not pretty by nature." He also says the results are private and were never supposed to be released to the public.

Which doesn't make sense on several levels -- David's doctored logo doesn't make his "lab results" any prettier than other lab results we've come across ... no offense ... and if the results were never supposed to be released publicly, why bother making them look nice?

Beats us.


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DNA tests can be done between the kid and Michaels Mother ... or any of Michaels brothers ... Or Michaels Father . There doesn't have to be Michael Jackson DNA in order for a test to be done. I don't buy the DNA test that they are trying to push. Poppy****.

228 days ago

Big Los Angeles Rifa    

Is that Angelo Mozilo ?

228 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    


228 days ago


According to the live stream yesterday when the results were read the guy who read it used the word 'probably'.
Additionally, when someone on that panel asked about it being 'any' Jackson family member, the answer was yes.
Fact: The mother was represented by Joe Jackson, thus IF this whole fiasco is valid, it could be Joe Jackson's kid....( Well actually the 'kid' is a 30+ year old man).

228 days ago


This is all to give this kid attention. No one would be talking about him if it weren't for this story that his team made up. Why does the media entertain this crap? Free publicity for the kid.

228 days ago

Big Los Angeles Rifa    

Is that Angelo Mozilo ?

228 days ago


If the do***ents we're suppose to have been sealed, how did they know what they looked like and needed to look nicer.
What does Cory Feldman have to do with this?

228 days ago


The embarrassing misspelling of alleged (ALLEDGED FATHER) doesn't help their case either. Idiots.

228 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Are you fricking kidding me? Was there anyone but TMZ who believed this? Those clowns look like the cast of a bare bones cheaply made porn flick.

228 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Sooo, you're still dealing with this guy huh? Can't get an interview with Brandon or either of his real parents huh? I'd be interested in that. This, not so much.

228 days ago


The funniest thing about this is that the guy has obviously altered his appearance to look like Michael Jackson, post surgery. He looks nothing like the real Michael Jackson

228 days ago


Later today I will be releasing DNA evidence that proves I am THOR, the Mighty Avenger. Son of Odin. Son of Asgard.

And I shall vanquish all transgender weight-lifters to a torturous life of serving ****tails to bigots.

Behold my mighty hammer.

228 days ago


Is that Corey Feldman?

228 days ago


That's not his ****ing son

228 days ago


Slow news day? A Kardashian didn't fart? Who cares about this fraud!!!

228 days ago
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