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Michael Jackson DNA Test

Organizer Insists Results Are REAL

We Doctored Logo to Make It 'Pretty'

3/7/2014 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The media mogul who organized the DNA test allegedly proving Michael Jackson fathered a son in 1982 insists the results are 100% real -- despite using a laboratory logo that's obviously been doctored -- telling TMZ, the logo was altered to make it look prettier.

Billionaire Alki David released the so-called "results" live on the Internet Thursday -- and after TMZ obtained a copy of the document, we discovered the logo on top wasn't just fake ... it was ripped from "Terminator Salvation."

Now David tells us, "The logo was made by the DNA agency to make it look pretty. Lab documents are not pretty by nature." He also says the results are private and were never supposed to be released to the public.

Which doesn't make sense on several levels -- David's doctored logo doesn't make his "lab results" any prettier than other lab results we've come across ... no offense ... and if the results were never supposed to be released publicly, why bother making them look nice?

Beats us.


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And the plot thickens... When will this tale end?

232 days ago


MJ never had sex with any woman, that's for sure.

232 days ago


During the press conference, they made a big deal out of the fact that the envelope was "sealed"--knowing full well that they had taken it out and prettied it up. (sure, right). So, yes--it was sealed, but by the con artists.

232 days ago


Alki the media x-mogul needs to crawl back into the hole he dug for himself and go away. The public doesn't believe him and his scam, so he's wasting his time.

A company is identified by their logo. A company logo is copyrighted. Therefore, Alki can be sued for fraud using someone else's logo, changing the colors or design of a copyrighted logo and defaming Brandon, Alfie and Miki Howard.

Now Alki says the DNA results are private and weren't supposed to be released to the public. Then why did he write on his website on Wednesday that the results would be disclosed on Thursday, video tape the results and hire Corey Feldman for support?

TMZ, please send Alki a shovel. lol

232 days ago

Truth Be Told    

My neighbor's cousin took a vacation to Sweden. While there, she took a picture of someone who looks exactly like my neighbor's son. They could have been identical twins! And yet they are not related. Point is - Everyone has a twin or someone who looks like them running around somewhere. So looking like someone doesn't mean a thing. It doesn't mean that anyone is related to one another. Unless however, if the DNA of the two people prove they are related to one another.

Its a well known fact, that Michael had Always wanted to be a Father! Had Michael known, that he was a Father to this person - He would have been Elated and placed the world at his feet as well as provided for him and made him part of his will as Michael did with MJ3. But when this person came out with this (how many years after Michael's death!) tells you right there that it was BS from the Get-Go! In addition, Michael has many people trying to impersonate him - just like Elvis - and people will continue to due Homage to the "King Of Pop" in numerous ways for many years to come.

So unless the Courts order a DNA Test from a REPUTIBLE Lab and the results prove out that MJ is the Father - I will not believe one word of any of this BS!!

232 days ago

Truth Be Told    

If this Howard guy thought that he could make a go of it in the industry being associated with MJ by claiming to MJs son and receiving a chunk of MJs Estate - He just screwed himself over Major League!!

232 days ago

howard stern    

Hey! If Johnny Fratto says it's's real. He has credibility cause he reps Eric the Ack Ack Actor.

232 days ago


He is a liar.

232 days ago


Alki David is a Grade A douchenozzle. A spoiled little turd desperately trying to find some sort of relevance and attention. Don't wast a drop of ink on him.

232 days ago

Black Adam    

If George Bush can be president, then that DNA test can be legit.

232 days ago

Double Bubble    

What does Corey fkn Feldman have to do with any of this and why is he there? Any movie or video he is in goes straight to the 99 cent bin.. This is yet another 'bad acting' moment by all involved... Let it gooooo Feldman, you suck even in real life things..

232 days ago

Gatta Jordan    

It's Funny TMZ that your reporting such untrue information about the Jackson brothers relationship with Brandon Howard.

There happens to be a interview on youtube that was done in Japan with Brandon Howard where he is clearly talking about his relationship with Jermaine and Jackie.
The video is on public domain and no one has come out to say that this is fake in anyway.

Also, to the point of them actually advising him on what songs to use for his album. If someone who is telling you that he had nothing to do with the whole crazy Corey feldman fiasco look further than what is being told here. Until the brothers come out officially on camera and stating that they don't know Brandon your report is false!!

So is this video of Brandon a lie? I think not ! You don't want the truth your trying to kill the truth but the truth is coming out and you can hide that. This guy has every right to know who his father his and you should research further on what is being said and what had been out publicly in interviews. Just as Joe jackson has stated through a slip up that Brandon is the next Micheal in the jackson family. The link is below as well.

Yeah Did everyone know that Marlon was a twin and the brother that died his name was "Brandon". The truth is in front of you but you don't want to believe it. If Micheal is not the father then Brandon is Micheal Jackson's long lost brother.

Brandon did not ask to be born he just wants the truth and he has every right to know. Would you not want to know who your father was. Think people everything is front of you and you just gotta look to see the truth.

Augie Johnson WORKED for MJ during the time Brandon was conceived. The DNA Test is a HOAX but Brandon as MJ's son IS NOT. Brandon has looked like MJ since a child. Do you know why Brandon was born a HOWARD as the 1st child and his younger brother, Nicholas, was born a JOHNSON (Augie's last name). Brandon is NOT trying to be like MJ. He is NATURALLY like MJ cause it's in his GENES. Brandon can not help he LOOKS LIKE MJ AND SOUNDS LIKE HIM NATURALLY. Everyone notices it.

Brandon Interview about Jackson brothers Link:

Joe Jackson saying Brandon's name Link:

231 days ago


Bring it to "Maury".

230 days ago


Probably joe jackson kid

230 days ago

Gatta Jordan    

Be Careful what you do because the lie become the truth.

229 days ago
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