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'RuPaul's Drag Race' Star

CrossFit Is Wrong

No Balls = No Man

3/7/2014 10:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

03-07-14-Carmen-vs-ChloieBalls make the man ... and lack of balls make the woman ... so says a former "RuPaul's Drag Race" star who claims CrossFit is being UNFAIR by not allowing a transgender woman to compete with the females.

TMZ Sports spoke with Carmen Carrera -- a transgender fashion model who was born a man. 

Carrera tells us ... Chloie Jonsson is getting the shaft (ironically) from CF, which stated transgender athletes are only allowed to compete in the CrossFit games under their birth gender. 

"When you remove your testicles ... that is it. You are no longer a male and you don’t produce testosterone," Carrera says. 

"You get weaker ... your whole body switches and it starts to reshape."

Carrera adds, "Put [Chloie] under the test and I bet her [testosterone] levels are the same as the rest of the competitors. Run some tests to make it fair."

As we reported, CrossFit says it will not take testosterone levels into consideration ... insisting it's the "genetic makeup" of a person who was born a male that "confers a physical and physiological advantage over women."

To that, Carmen says ... the person who put that statement together is "probably some loser sitting on some huge set of nuts with testosterone who doesn't know what he is talking about."


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You are and always will be a MAN!

233 days ago

Duke Steele    

No uterus = no woman

233 days ago


I am so liberal it's unreal, I am all for LGBT rights as well as TG people, but I agree 100% with crossfit. It's not fair to the women who were born female to compete against women born male... body composition doesn't change when the balls are gone...

233 days ago

Now u know.    

Gay people why don't u just disappear u are worthless and just insulting to humans just f ing go away **** u all some sad asses

233 days ago

Hannah Drummond    

I understand what she's trying to say, but you can have testicles and still be a woman, you don't have to have surgery in order to be a "real woman" if you identify as a woman, you're a woman. Same as if you identify as a man, or any other gender for that matter.

Side note: I hate scrolling down to read the comments on articles like this, because I ALWAYS see that the majority of comments are *******s, or closed minded *******s. Please educate yourselves and look up trans* people, their identities, and the pronouns they prefer to use. ALSO, the word "Tranny" is a transphobic word, please do not use it.

One more thing, what is a "real woman" I'm tired of seeing those words "real woman" People always use it to say this is what a "real woman" is/looks like/acts like/dresses/does/reads/eats/etc etc. I mean seriously? There are SO many women in the world, you can't just say "This is what a real woman ...." you can't generalize people like that. Everyone is different. Every single human being. So obviously a "real woman" is just well, a woman who identifies as a woman, regardless of whether she wears "too much" makeup, or "too little", she's more feminine or masculine, is fat or skinny or whatever, or if she was assigned "male" at birth, or "female" at birth. Any of that, none of that, it doesn't matter. If SHE identifies as a woman then SHE IS A WOMAN.

233 days ago

Hannah Drummond    

Also, I keep seeing these people saying "Oh well I support LGBT but if you're a man at birth, you shouldn't be competing with women." Really? You support LGBT completely? Well the T stands for Trans* people, in case you didn't know, which you probably didn't because you're obviously not supporting them.

It's funny, well not funny, but odd, how people are LGBT friendly (or so they say) but when it comes to Trans* people, they just forget about them completely.

233 days ago


The facts are pretty in your face about this one, Crossfit even has the research to back it up. Trannys go through plastic surgery and eat pills doesn't change your actual body structure. So other than a publicity stunt, wtf?

232 days ago


He looks exactly like Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel.

232 days ago


I agree with Crossfit. She is no longer a man.

232 days ago


She is legally recognized as a female by state law. They are stifling on her rights by denying her; she could probably sue.

232 days ago


What an idiot. Do they also get muscles cut out during their surgery? There's a big difference between men and women when it comes to their strength.

232 days ago


It's not fair to compete as a woman. She was born a man, and may want live like a woman but. A man is a man,

231 days ago
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