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Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry's Still

Wrapped Around My Finger

3/13/2014 8:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry's husband Olivier Martinez hasn't given up on his marriage -- despite rumors the couple has separated -- venturing out in L.A. last night ... with his wedding ring still sitting snug on his finger.

There are reports Halle and Olivier are on the outs -- having drifted apart because of their hectic work schedules -- and are now living separate lives. Halle even appeared at a post-Oscars party on March 2nd, alone without her wedding ring. They haven't been seen together in public since December.

But it's clear -- Olivier hasn't quit ... at least, on keeping up appearances.

Halle and Olivier were married in July 2013 and have one son together (born last October).



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Oh the shock & horror of it all. Who didn't see this coming. This was a marriage of convenience for Halle to have another baby not being out of wedlock. Next we'll be hearing how Oliver abused her.

161 days ago


When are these celebrities gonna realize that marriage don't work for them? It would be fine if they were just effing up their own lives, but then they decide to bring children into the mix who, by the time they turn 18, have had several step parents and numerous "uncles" or whatever. And their celebrity parents wonder why they're screwed up adults.

161 days ago


Don't ya just love how Celebrities blame the distance. Last time I checked "Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder" These knuckleheads get together just to get together and it ends. I think what turns Men off from Halle is that she's so beautiful but that's it. I don't think shes a women that cooks, or cleans. And there are alot of rich women who cook maybe not clean lol. But she hooks up with guys. Gets addicted to intimacy with them and that's it. And the fact that she's beautiful but thats all that's to her, probably drives men away.

161 days ago


hope oliver stays in the us to see son maceo

161 days ago


she has issues with relationships- isn;t this her 3rd failure ? Bad part is that she's dragging her kid through all this drama

161 days ago


she has issues with relationships- isn;t this her 3rd failure ? Bad part is that she's dragging her kid through all this drama

161 days ago


Halle Berry has serious issues when it come to holding on to relationships, She been married more times that Liz Taylor ( a joke ) but she has been married a few times. Either you choice in men is all ****ed up, or all these men are just there to use your dumb ass. either way, You got what you were attracted too. So live with it. Not even that hot anymore . Next!

161 days ago


I believe that Halle is a good person, and she's also beautiful. That is a dangerous combination and is something that would be difficult for most insecure people who are not really on her level to deal with. Also she doesn't have a big family network to fall back on. She never had a dad, or brothers or uncles to watch her back, and I think that certain people that she's been in relationships with might've taken advantage of that. It's difficult enough for regular people to meet the right person. Imagine what it's like for someone in her position? So whatever some people want to say about Halle being crazy, all I know is that people in general are crazy. Anyway, I hope that it works out for them.

161 days ago


This woman just cannot keep a guy. What's the deal with that???

161 days ago


Ha! They haven't "drifted apart"! The baby's been born so Halle doesn't need Oliver anymore. That's the maneater's way.

161 days ago


Oh no

161 days ago


Kylie told her he is poison!!!!
He ran when she was ill.
His departure was the best thing for her.

161 days ago


#teamgabriel from the jump! This old **** is CA-RAZY!!!

161 days ago


If this is true Halle needs therapy desperately:

161 days ago


What is the common denominator here? Her. this is her third marriage + that long term relationship she had with Gabriel. And they've all ended horribly distasterous.

161 days ago
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