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'Big Brother' Star Michele Ross

Kaiser Ignored My Pain

Placed Me On Psych Hold

3/18/2014 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0318-michele-ross-twitter"Big Brother" season 11 star Dr. Michele Ross had a ROUGH weekend at the hospital ... she claims she got placed on a psychiatric hold after doctors ignored her desperate pleas for help.

Ross (who went by Michele Noonan on the show) tells TMZ ... she rushed herself to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in L.A. Friday after suffering terrible pains related to her endometriosis (a uterus problem). Ross says doctors were about to discharge her without performing a laparoscopy to help diagnose the source of the pain when she told them, "I am in so much pain I want to die."

Well once doctors heard "want to die" ... Michele claims they treated it as a suicidal threat and immediately placed her on psychiatric hold. Ross claims she was locked in a room with security standing guard at the door ... until a psychiatrist came to evaluate her. 

Ross says she was finally allowed to leave Saturday ... but not until hospital staff threw away the prescription pot brownies she had.  And she says she never got the procedure she wanted.

She tells TMZ ... even though she's a neuroscientist, she gets treated like a crazy person because she has blue hair. Or as we like to call it ... Bynesism.

Ross tells us she's considering legal action. Calls to the hospital were not returned.


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bring back recent posts    

100% she should take some legal action if everything I a reading here is correct. Makes no sense for her gyno problem not too be treated. Something missing her though. Hope she is being treated and feels better now, regardless.

217 days ago


That crazy woman needs to stay at the funny farm

217 days ago


Tell her to get rid of her blue hair. If she doesn't want to be taken as a clown, quit dressing like one.

217 days ago

Say what?!    

Umm... if you want to be taken seriously and not a joke, LOSE THE BLUE HAIR.

Otherwise you look like you got your degree from clown college or something. For real.

217 days ago


This chick IS nuts.

217 days ago

Teresa andrews    

I think they have to take it seriously if somebody says they want to die. What if they let her go, and she then committed suicide?

217 days ago


Once they make the determination that you're crazy, doctors WILL NOT treat you medically, nor will they take anything you say seriously.

217 days ago


TMZ forgot to mention her side porn career.

217 days ago


Oh please TMZ, what a stinking crock of shlt. If she had endometriosis it is a gynecological condition and it would have been diagnosed. She would have been seen by a gynecologist in an ER. Trust me I worked in an ER for years. She wouldn't need a laparoscopy because the condition had apparently been diagnosed already ... if your story is true, or if her diagnosis is true. It sounds a hell of a lot more like drug seeking behavior. It happens all the time.

217 days ago


Ha! Moron.

217 days ago


Nice t*ts.

217 days ago

Mizz Massacre    

The same thing has happened to me. It was at Thunderbird hospital here in AZ... I went in because I was experiencing excruciating pain on my right side and throughout my body. I have a history of very bad ovarian cysts that pop and also problems with my Kidneys... They didnt even really check anything a cpl blood and urine test thats all and I had Pain meds in my system which I told them I was on pain management so I cldnt get prescribed any narcotics i specifically said that so that they wld not think I was there just to get pain meds because thats a huge problem here.. I Just wanted treatment but because I have blk/purple hair , tattoos and piercings( esp a 666 tat behind my ear which i alwys hv issues with and usually hide but felt like such crap i didnt care...) after I was there for just a few hrs and nothing was really done they told me they were not gonna gv my narcotics and I was being Discharged. I told them it wasnt fair. I didnt want narcotics I just wanted to find out what was causing the pain they told me that it was withdraw (which is impossible since i had been taking my meds regularly) I told them if they send me home I felt I wld die and That i wld most likely just go to a different hosp and if they found anything I was definitely suing. Next thing I know I am not being discharged and they told me I was being moved and admitted! Well when they moved me I found out I was being admitted to the psych ward for suicide watch and detox!!!!! They also called my husband (who had left earlier to tend to our children) That I was suicidal and they wanted him to sign me into a drug rehab/psych hosp for a 2 week evaluation!!! My husband said no and that he was coming to get me and they said that I cld not leave for 48hrs! As soon as the psych dr. came in to evaluate me I told them this is bull and I wanted to leave! The refused multiple times until my husband called the police and after what seemed like forever the police told them they cldnt hold me! After I looked for a lawyer but without loads of cash I was told I hv no chance! So they just got away with it!!!!!!! DISGUSTING!!!! Oh and to top it all off 2wks later I was diagnosed with cancer!!!!!

217 days ago


Aside from the story, her looks have completely changed that I didn't recognize her. I had to google her cause I didn't remember anyone looking like this. She was so shy and geeky looking on the show. Glad she's come out of her shell and should take legal action.

217 days ago


Kaiser is a complete crap HMO, I have them and they truly suck. However, should have ditched the pot brownies going in, prescription or not. They have a huge stance against drug use and dismiss you as not credible on sight no matter what you say. Add the blue hair and claims that you are a Neuroscientist, you are going to the looney bin.

217 days ago


She another Amanda bynes. Get her help.

217 days ago
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