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'Big Brother' Star Michele Ross

Kaiser Ignored My Pain

Placed Me On Psych Hold

3/18/2014 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0318-michele-ross-twitter"Big Brother" season 11 star Dr. Michele Ross had a ROUGH weekend at the hospital ... she claims she got placed on a psychiatric hold after doctors ignored her desperate pleas for help.

Ross (who went by Michele Noonan on the show) tells TMZ ... she rushed herself to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in L.A. Friday after suffering terrible pains related to her endometriosis (a uterus problem). Ross says doctors were about to discharge her without performing a laparoscopy to help diagnose the source of the pain when she told them, "I am in so much pain I want to die."

Well once doctors heard "want to die" ... Michele claims they treated it as a suicidal threat and immediately placed her on psychiatric hold. Ross claims she was locked in a room with security standing guard at the door ... until a psychiatrist came to evaluate her. 

Ross says she was finally allowed to leave Saturday ... but not until hospital staff threw away the prescription pot brownies she had.  And she says she never got the procedure she wanted.

She tells TMZ ... even though she's a neuroscientist, she gets treated like a crazy person because she has blue hair. Or as we like to call it ... Bynesism.

Ross tells us she's considering legal action. Calls to the hospital were not returned.


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Standard procedure when you say words like that in a hospital. For your safety! Act appropriately and you will be treated appropriately.

183 days ago

Choose Laughter    

How many laparoscopy surgeries has she had to evaluate her endometriosis ? I mean if this is her third time that may be a little wacky, and she DOES have blue hair...

183 days ago

BB not bb    

Well essentially Amanda Bynes was locked up as insane for having blue hair as well. Maybe that is not a good color to have then? I think the doctors use any excuse to lock you up as a lunatic. If you say that you want to die from them not doing their job, they are going to get revenge. There really is no such thing as insanity as they see it. It doesn't matter who you are, if they can catch you, they lock you up.

I think they are practicing sadists instead of healers. How many people really get healed by doctors. Usually you come out worse after seeing them and a lot poorer. I guess her demanding some weird surgery for a stomach ache made them think that she wasn't hip to the system.

183 days ago


Wow. ER's everywhere(not just Kaiser's) are loaded with doctor's and nurses that will try to find any excuse to misinterpret your condition as mentally unstable if you don't "play ball" with them. They order you around while you're in pain and if you don't listen, strike complain that's strike might as well take a video camera and witness when you go due to the hospital staff. The one time I didn't bring a witness I ended up in the looney bin as well. Everytime I had a witness they never did that to me.

182 days ago


She's always been a pathetic attention seeker. Her 15 minutes were up years ago. I hope she's at least learned to chew with her mouth shut since BB. She was repulsive when she ate.

182 days ago


thats kaiser tho.... they have done that to pretty much everyone.

182 days ago


kaiser kills she sounds unstable er staff overreacted yes it's the law if u utter those phrases at law enforcement or reporting medical professionals clearly she needs lots of help for lots of things ...also er only required to stabilize you ... anyone give a real fuk???!!! not! wake up, the world sux people.. go eat her brownies

182 days ago

Ladybug lady    

TMZ possible you can explain Endometriosis as more than a uterus condition? Stars like Susan Surandon, Juliann Hough, Dolly Parton, Stephanie March all suffer from this disease as well. It already is questioned by uneducated doctors and society alike. It's actually Endometriosis Awareness Month. If this is the only place people come to learn, perhaps you could do the women (& some men) the courtesy of "educating" these people. A lot of women are assessed as mentally's not centuries ago and women suffering from Hysteria. It's 2014!

182 days ago


OMG Michelle, I hope you didn't hurt yourself when you took that long fall from reality!

182 days ago


This happened to me. This is EXACTLY why I left Kaiser. I have endometriosis, and it is an EXTREMELY painful diseases. I've passed out in the waiting room from the pain and I was just left on the floor, passed out. It's not "Kaiser, thrive." It's "Kaiser, lucky to survive". I hope she nails their ass to the wall.

181 days ago


Kaiser hospital and doctors are the lease qualified to treat anyone.

181 days ago


Kaiser Permanente is a HMO, good luck with a procedure without tons of red tape and referrals.
Remember a padded cell is just a verbal threat away.

151 days ago


If the drs think you're a danger to yourself or others they are MANDATED to act. Honestly, michell is either really crazy, or a drug addict because Kaiser (not the best hmo) will give you pain management if they think you're in legit pain. We all know how very addicting pain meds are. If she was acting erratic, the drs have to 5150 you. (Kaiser actually does a 23 hour bed first) So, all those who believe her story...good luck on the crazy train. Don't forget to donate to her "fund" Endometriosis is a real disease, but when you use that to seek pain meds it becomes a diff story. Sounds like the drs refused to prescribe her pain meds and she threw a fit. Just an opinion to someone who 1)knows alot about kaiser 2)Is very familiar with the healthcare laws and rules. She can sue kaiser up the ying yang. They have the best lawyers and she won't get very far.

150 days ago
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