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Halle Berry & Amanda Bynes

Homeless Woman Hijacks L.A. Court System ...

To Pitch TV Show

3/21/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

03-20-14-berry-bynes-hammer-tmzWe've seen desperate attempts to break into Hollywood before, but this is legendary -- an L.A. homeless woman has filed a lawsuit against Halle Berry, Amanda Bynes, Armie Hammer, and Disney ... for the express purpose of pitching them a TV show.

Jo Anne Vandegriff -- who describes herself as homeless -- freely admits the suit is a ploy to get everyone in a room so she can sell her 2,000-page original Civil War romance mini-series, "Heaven's Angels."

Vandegriff describes her script as "an extraordinary work in its length, complexity, and scope, though not yet a masterpiece work."

Vandegriff is targeting Disney because she wants to open up the studio -- which she claims produces lily-white content -- to Black and Hispanic females.

She doesn't apologize for using the legal system to make a buck, because, as she says in the lawsuit, "a mini-series of this nature only comes along once every twenty to thirty years."

So why sue Halle?  Vandegriff wants her in the leading role.  As for Amanda ... it would be a great comeback for her.  And Armie ... he could finally be a leading man (and rid himself of the "Lone Ranger" stink -- that's our take).

And Vandegriff promises her script will help stimulate the economy ... and promote "peace and harmony, health and happiness."

Hollyweird at its finest.


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This reality TV KarTRASHian generation of attention wh0res is to blame, people want fame for doing nothing

214 days ago


This chick is crazy..wrong way to go about it

214 days ago


Leave the homeless and crazy (Halle and Bynes) alone!!!
Thay have enough problems.

214 days ago


They should immediately respond to the lawsuit by countersuing her to pay for their attorney's fees because she admittedly involved them in a frivolous lawsuit. The court will also most likely ask her to pay whatever court fees there are too.

214 days ago


Sounds normal to me! It's Hollywood for god's sake!

214 days ago


All our court systems should work on loser pays all fees and costs. It would stop most frivolous lawsuits, people would think twice about filing.

214 days ago


I wonder if Amanda Bynes' old room is available? This kook needs to be locked up. She has to be crazy.

214 days ago


There are other crazier ways this person could have chosen to bring attention to her mini series. I think the lawsuit is too drastic of an idea that can only backfire. But good luck to her.

214 days ago


While I think we all agree it is wrong, you have to admit that it is rather ingenious.

213 days ago


> 2,000-page original Civil War romance mini-series

FFS that’s 40 hours of TV time. If it plays for 2 hours per night, that’s 4 weeks of programming .

> And Vandegriff promises her script will help stimulate
> the economy ... and promote "peace and harmony,
> health and happiness.”

That’s the same bull sh&& Obama promised. Worked for him, might work for her. Hell, she’s probably not nearly as deluded as Obama.

213 days ago


If she is homeless, how is she affording a lawyer to sue these people?

213 days ago


Right or wrong this is a person who is a go getter . I like her alreasy

213 days ago



213 days ago

Tammy LM    

I wish there was a way of giving her actual jail time for abusing the system like this. That's what she deserves. Not only is she crazy, she's also stupid. Nobody in the movie going or tv watching crowd would ever give a second's attention to anything that gets' made that way. Television shows and movies just don't ever get made this way. EVER. She's guarenteed herself a epic failure. He idea will never become a reality now. Moron.

213 days ago


Well TMZ has us talking about her, guess thats a good start.

213 days ago
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