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Judge Joe Brown

They Tried to Keep Me Behind Bars ...


3/25/2014 10:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Joe Brown is still hopping mad about being arrested Monday and now tells TMZ he thinks the judge who tossed him behind bars conspired to try and keep him there longer.

In case you missed it ... Brown was tossed in the slammer in Memphis on Monday after having a meltdown in court. Brown, who is still a practicing lawyer, was there to represent his client in a child support hearing (that becomes relevant shortly).

TMZ spoke with Brown this morning and he still claims the fact he is running for D.A. of Shelby County played a role in how he was treated.

He also claims the magistrate helped to "falsify documents" so it would read that he was jailed for child support violations instead of contempt ... an attempt to keep him behind bars longer.

Brown made it through his three hours in jail unscathed -- he says he signed autographs and saw a few former clients (not a good sign for his lawyering skills) but avoided the food. 

Wise choice.


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it's a shame to see another juristiction in the south that uses the law in excess.Georgia must be it's own country when it comes to shooting off your mouth.Everything you say will be under the Homeland Security Act and you will loose your freedom of speech as soon as you are in custody for speaking that fast!!!!

190 days ago


I've watched Judge Brown on TV and has always thought he was a fair and good Judge. He should have to answer for his outburst in court but for the court to misuse their legal power for games isn't a surprise. All Courts are Corrupted today. I have yet to see a legal system/arena that isn't run by Pious, God Complex persona and Bottom Feeders looking to play their life validating games.
The legal system and courts are inept and need to be gutted. They no longer help people or victims but bullies and corporations . If you seek legal help and are middle class first thing they say get a lawyer we cant help you and delay anything you choose to file yourself or investigate on your own; then your lawyer never listens to you and makes you pay for services not even rendered while making compromises that help only the other side; the judge never listens because you are in "contempt" if you speak. The court staff treats you with great hostility and aggressiveness. And you always have to keep coming back to court even though you are not the one doing anything illegal and you and your family are the victims. Nice money racket

190 days ago


Some people choose not to retire. Anything wrong with that, if they can still function at an acceptable level?

190 days ago


I heard the tape of the meltdown, and it seems to me that Joe Brown was complaining that the judge was not authorized to do what he was doing. At any rate, I believe Joe Brown acted as he did to get publicity for his upcoming political race. Any lawyer with true intentions would file such a claim prior or after the proceeding..not during.

190 days ago

Brian Workman    

This is what happens when you think it's only ALL ABOUT YOU! and you get a swell head and a big mouth!!

190 days ago


I have worked in criminal justice system for over 20 years.. This doesn't surprise me at all. Unfortunately, the entities that govern legal professionals and judges usually turn a blind eye to accusations of judicial and prosecutorial misconduct . We need CHANGE!

190 days ago


Judge Joe for president - replace oBama now !

190 days ago


FOR: "John Bauer"........

RE: your statement:
" Demanding a judge follow the law and pointing out what the law states is not unprofessional, it is a defense lawyers job. To not do it would be injustice and malpractice and can result in being disbarred. "

You're is a Defense Attorney's job to make sure the law is followed by EVERYONE......including the

It was the MANNER that Joe Brown advised the Judge that was contemptable. He threw a TANTRUM.....
He did NOT "civilly" point out the flaws/errors/etc......
he threw a TANTRUM in order to point out the flaws/errors/etc.

I've been in a Courtroom some 300+ times testifying professionally. I can tell you for a FACT....that ALLLLL
of the Judges that I testified in front of would have done the SAME THING and tossed him in the slammer

He might have been "doing his job" is NOT
necessary to "show your a$$ and throw a tantrum" in order for him to DO his job.

190 days ago

Jerome Levenberg    

All TV judges belong in the slammer.

190 days ago

Jerome Levenberg    

All TV judges belong in the slammer.

190 days ago


He should be jailed longer because he's an attorney and should know better.
Court clerks mis-calendar cases all the time. They are only human. And, unlike this "fake judge", they are overworked and underpaied.
All he had to do was to talk to the clerk and they will pull up the case to include in the calendar. Very simple. No need to have a meltdown 5 times in 1 day.
Who the hell he thinks he is anyway?

190 days ago


Yeah, he's a real "judge". Right.

190 days ago


Judge Joe Brown seems like a plai, honest man to me when I watch him on tv. I would stand behind him. He is not rude to plaintiff/defendants the way Judge Judy talk to people no respect. Keep on Judge Joe as I'm behind you all the way.

190 days ago


This guy is pulling out his race card because he can, he is arrogant, black, loud mouth and should still be in jail, rest assured had it been a white man in his cout room he would have done the same if not worse, he's also running for a political office against a white person and screaming foul and you guy's help him by bringing his loudmouth racist ass to the forefront, whAT'S UP WITH THAT.

190 days ago


Well, Judge Joe Brown will not go quietly into that dark night. Not unusual for good attorneys to get hit with contempt citations while representing a client in court. As to his allegations regarding reasons behind the actions of the judge, etc, I would not be the least bit surprised if they proved to be correct. Would not be the first time politics got in the way of justice.

190 days ago
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