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Lil Scrappy

'Racist' Salon Owners

Ruined My Kid's B-Day

3/30/2014 3:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0330-lil-scrappy-tmz-01"Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Lil Scrappy says his daughter was left in tears Sunday afternoon ... after a salon owner refused to serve his family because they're black.

Scrappy tells TMZ ... he put a down payment on a little girls salon outside Atlanta for his daughter's birthday party -- but when he and baby mama Erica Dixon arrived 20 minutes late to their 2 1/2 hour appointment, the place wouldn't let them in.

When Scrappy complained, citing the down payment they already paid ... he says the people running the place -- who are white -- allegedly told him they didn't want to serve "you people."

Cops were called -- because Scrappy didn't want to leave without a refund on his down payment -- but officers got him half the money ... and the salon agreed to mail the rest, so he left.

Calls to the salon went unanswered.


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Tommy Dunaway    

Am I the only person sick and tired of hearing "Racist" every time something doesn't go an african Americans way? Reminds me of the little boy who cried wolf. The word racist doesn't mean anything anymore because of it being used so much.

176 days ago


There is only one way to handle this situation. File a human rights complaint. That is how you teach children to exercise their rights.

176 days ago


It's not called's called up on time!

176 days ago

Ozzie X    

The ask for a deposit in the event you don't show up on time, and they didn't. They were generous enough to refund half your money. I doubt they said "You People," Seems they want sympathy.

176 days ago


If true, it's pretty sad that grown folks are still this stupid.

176 days ago


Just pretend it's prison, You have to follow the rules!

176 days ago


LIL Scrappy-Really? Is that a man or a dogs name? and please translate what a baby mama is. You talk like this and call yourself dog names then expect people to take you seriously. If your daughters b-day was so important maybe next time act like it and show up on time. Join the human race.

176 days ago


First off you don't show up late to an appointment without notification. Second off, enough of the race card bull crap. This isn't racism this is stupidy on "lil scrappy's" part.

176 days ago


horrible.. and sad

176 days ago

Sarah Blue    

This looks like another case of Z-List reality TV stars thinking they can behave anyway they please. When you are given instructions on arrival time, regardless of who you THINK you are. You have to follow them.

No sympathy. NONE.

176 days ago


I can't believe the amount of racism there still is... based on all of these comments.

I bet NONE of you commenters would say these things aloud or in person..0_o #IGNORANCE

176 days ago


You show up 20 mins late at my salon , you missed your appointment!!! What, I should make every other client after you have to wait because you ran behind? Not in my world! I don't care who you are...we blackball the late're not costing me money or 5 people after your appointment a late start!

176 days ago


We are all not surprised if you commenters think that the salon owner did no wrong, we know you guys are filled with hatred of a certain race, racism will never end.

176 days ago


Okay, people need to read... It wasn't a salon appointment it was a birthday party. The deposit isn't required so you show on time, it's to make sure you don't back out at the last minute and they reserve the time. I'm sure guests (the other kids attending the birthday party) were there. Being 20 minutes late to a birthday party you've made a payment on ISNT a reason to turn away your customer. I think it's pretty funny people are saying their sick of the race card... And seeing comments about prison... Do you guys also comment about prison on white celebs who've been to jail? It was wrong, they paid their deposit and the girl should've had a party. It was a little girls salon party... Paint nails and play dress up. Clearly most of you don't even know that it wasn't a hair appointment n

176 days ago


That's what he gets for taking his son to white salon in the first place. One thing there is no shortage of is black barbers.

176 days ago
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