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Josh Elliott

I Wanted Out of "GMA" So Bad

I Took a Pay Cut!

4/1/2014 6:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Elliott Leaving GMA

Josh Elliott was so disgusted with ABC ... he took a pay cut of more than a million dollars ... multiple sources connected with both ABC and NBC tell TMZ.

Our sources say ABC offered Josh between $4 and $5 million to stay, but he chose NBC despite the fact that they offered him just over $3 million.

We're told Josh was at the point of no return when Robin Roberts signed a $14 million a year contract to anchor GMA.  He felt slighted by the ABC offer and just wanted out.

Sources say the feeling is mutual.  As one source put it, "He's definitely an abrasive guy."  Another source says, "People hated him.  He was always just rude."

And get this ... we're told just weeks ago Sr. VP of ABC News James Goldston confronted Amy Robach -- Josh's replacement on GMA -- and called her "toxic" because she created tension on the set.  Indeed, we're told Amy and Lara Spencer "hate" each other and can't hide their contempt.

Another source says Robin Roberts hasn't helped matters -- one person saying she acts like a "diva" on the set.

As for Josh's future ... our network sources say NBC did NOT promise Josh any role on "Today," but we're told there's no doubt he's got to the top of the heap as the likely successor to Matt Lauer.

Morning TV ... it's just like grade school, only all the students are really rich.


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Irene Windsor    

I never watch the network news anymore - the ydont reort half the stuff that happened. Also why has Robin Roberts who isnt that good been so worshipped and elevated over there. I coud say but I wont.

168 days ago


Heck! Who knows what’s in this new NBC contract Josh signed, while snubbing ABC. But, my educated, calculated guess, having worked in the TV News game as a talent, is that the pea**** executives had to dangle/promise in writing, a major role for Josh on TODAY, to get him to jump for, essentially a similar money deal. (while damaging the GMA team) If I’m in Josh shoes, I would have stayed with ABC for these reasons; It was Ben Sherwood who plucked him from ESPN for a role that would eventually morph into a newsreader/co-host seat on GMA. This same Sherwood will soon lead ABC Programming (replacing Sweeney). Josh was a part of the team that dethroned TODAY (and the suits remember and reward that kind of stuff). His champion is Sherwood. Now, as for the dollars: I don’t blame Josh for asking for up to 10 Million. If he was at 1 mil in the last year of the original 3 year deal — then ABC going up to 5 mil is a win (there were probably other incentives/clauses written in). I think what the ABC suits were saying — is, “here’s 5 for now, you can get to 10 in the NEXT deal…” So why leave a place where you are an alpha-dog co-king and your champion is the news prez on the way up to running the whole network??? Bad move, UNLESS — Josh has been promised the TODAY chair in a year or so! His “Q” and likability is way higher than Matt Lauer’s as we speak. Will that last?? As for Willie Geist, who would make a wise choice, with his credibility and steadiness — lacks that “star” quotient. Let’s not forget — these morning shows are in the business of…show business!!

168 days ago


I have been watching GMA on a regular basis since I retired in '08. I don't belive in the srory you put out. I just feel he wanted to go back to sports. Sot hat is what he did. The same with Sam. He wanted to do more stories about weather. Cris Como (sp) too, more investigating reporting. They come to morning news to get a foot in the door and then move on. What is so wrong about that. It's a business for crying out loud!

168 days ago


Can you say "privilege." The same held by Mitt Romney when he just knew he would be elected, instead of BO.

168 days ago


I hate to see Josh get screwed over, he I think may have made a good choice and I would like to see him replace that a__ Matt Laurer. What he did to Ann Curry was a disgrace. I always liked Laura, she was refreshing but Amy is a real asset to the show. ABC should DUMP George, he is a jerk!

168 days ago


Funny, just about two weeks ago I told my husband I didn't care for Josh Elliott because I thought he was "abrasive." Little did we know the soap opera going on behind the scenes. As for Robin, I have the highest regard and respect for her after all she has gone through with her medical consitions and her very positive attitude. She is indeed a beacon for others going through similar situations. Lastly, I really miss Sam, have only watched his program on TWC a few times and was disappointed that it doesn't have the same laughter and energy that there was on GMA. For me, the jury is out on the new crew!

168 days ago


I only watch who far as I'm concerned, they could put BBC and international news on....the old birds that CBS are hard hitting, and thats something the reporters from other networks will ever have....they are just turning in to Fox......imo

168 days ago


5 million dollars for reading a teleprompter..Really?
Who cares what these people do.

168 days ago


So much for being #1. Lol!!!!! Sounds like there's a cat fight gong on.

168 days ago


I don't like any of them, particularly Lara, who acts like an "I'm the star of the show, where's the camera" phony. I think she'd smile reading the obits. Robin has wore out her welcome with me. I'm getting the feeling that she's using her illness to her own benefit and is becoming quite the diva.

168 days ago


Who Told this Guy that he was WORTH that Kind of MONEY! Honestly I don't know him from a can of PAINT!!!

168 days ago

Charlotte Ursic    

I am SO upset with GMA period, Robin is not a 'real' person, Lara Spencer is always ready for the camera man, Amy probably more a real person as is Ginger. I will probably stop watching more so if Josh replaces Matt on the Today show. Thanks Josh for leaving a show who just does not recognize what they had!

168 days ago


They are all over paid and i quit watching when sam left...

168 days ago


Robin Roberts can't stand her. She thinks she is so cute but she looks like a drag Queen.

168 days ago


Good riddance.. He was so annoying and so full of himself...and I hated the way he always "grabbed" at the free stuff for his daughter, like he couldn't afford to buy those things for her. He is one of the reasons we stopped watching GMA, the second reason is Lara, can't stand her either. Maybe when they are both gone we will start watching GMA every morning again...and they also need to stop "promoting" every show ABC has on their schedule and the LOUD music....Love Robin, she is an angel.

168 days ago
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