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Put Down

'Chupie Will Be Missed'

4/4/2014 10:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone dropped the 'Chupacabra' ... permanently -- TMZ has learned the weird-looking creature captured in Ratcliff, Texas has been put down.

Jackie Stock, the woman who found the animal which resembles a raccoon with mange tells TMZ ... she was advised to euthanize the animal because it was suffering.

Stock said after video of the creature went wide Thursday ... PETA started sending her and her husband messages, saying they were upset by the fact that the animal was in captivity and not receiving proper treatment.

She was also told if the animal really was a Chupacabra, it would have sucked the blood out of the goats next door before its capture.  Stock was advised it was most likely a raccoon with mange that was in pain.

Stock adds the animal was never examined or tested to specifically identify it. 

She took it to the shelter and was told "it went to sleep very peacefully," adding, "I had gotten attached.  I was calling him Chupie.  He will be missed."

Chupacabra Found in Texas


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Poor thing. Not a raccoon this was a dog.

179 days ago


Looks more like a coyote with horrible mange to me. But then again, it could be a raccoon. Animals look seriously strange without hair. Google "bald bear," I promise you won't be disappointed.

179 days ago


RIP Chupie - too bad he wasn't given treatment for the mange and saved, but at least he is not suffering now!

179 days ago


They killed it without an examination and haven't checked any DNA or anything else? Sounds a little fishy to me. Who got the remains? Or was it cremated? Or, did somebody pay to have it stuffed and put in his mansion?

179 days ago


I think the last statement was intended as "attached" not "attacked"... Niiice proof reading TMZ

179 days ago


Eff Peta. If it was suffering and in pain it wouldn't be eating.

179 days ago


It was a Raccoon... Poor thing..

179 days ago

larry fine    

chop off its head and put it in harvey's bed.

179 days ago


These *******s who put down these animals because in their opinion their suffering should be put down themselves. So I guess according to these s***bags, humans with Alopecia should be put down too? I bet they would, it's Texas for God sake, they kill everything.

179 days ago

AnnaBell they have OVER 6,000 signatures so far. #SaveTrueBlood

179 days ago


Looks like golfwangprincess

179 days ago


It was a rare hairless raccoon.... It should have been released not put down!!!!! Look it up.. It wasn't sick, PETA should have known this! Poor little guy!

179 days ago


everyone is missing the point here , 1. This is not a canine it is eating with its paws , 2. these people are true rednecks and it is clear they are familiar with raccoons sick or not and this isnt a raccoon either. 3. don't you find it strange it was put to sleep so quickly who said it was suffering how was that determined before determining what kind of animal this was , did they witness the animal passing on or is it still locked up for testing and this couple lied to. I never ever ever play conspiracy theories but something is not kosher here.

179 days ago


I was scrolling and thought that was Austin Mahone at first.

179 days ago


What the he ll!!! They couldn't try to save this animal. What is wrong with helping him? I know people would have donated money to help that poor animal what ever it was.

179 days ago
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