Lattimer from 'The Program' My Neighbor Stabbed Me With a Tweezer Shank!

4/13/2014 11:29 AM PDT
"The Program" star Andrew Bryniarski claims his neighbor stabbed him with a shank made out of tweezers ... and now, he wants justice.

Andrew claims his neighbor Frank Harvey was caught by another neighbor rifling through Bryniarski's trunk back in November ... and when he approached Harvey a few days later about it, he got attacked.

In the docs, Bryniarski says Harvey said "Suck my d**k" and lunged at him -- a fight started -- but eventually Andrew says he got his neighbor to the ground and noticed he was holding a weapon.

Andrew says his neighbor was threatening to kill him ... so he refused to release the guy until he dropped the weapons from his hands -- which he claims were a wrench and a 8 in. shank made out of tweezers.

According to the docs, Andrew got a temporary restraining order on Harvey ... but Andrew's lawyer says the guy bailed on their court hearing and now he's M.I.A.

Naturally, the actor has himself a reality star for a lawyer. Andrew's case will be featured on "Loredana, Esq." on the Sundance Channel.

We made numerous attempts to reach Harvey ... but so far, no luck.