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Johnny to Victor

There Will Be No Mutual Masturbation

From Here on Out!

4/15/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Weir wrote a 5-page post-nup which is part of his newfangled reconciliation package with Victor Voronov -- and Johnny makes it clear mutual masturbation will NOT be tolerated.

TMZ broke the story ... Johnny and Victor agreed over the weekend to call off their divorce, but Victor wanted Johnny to sign a document apologizing for trashing Victor in the media and promising to keep Johnny's mom out of their relationship.

So Johnny fired back with a document of his own, which, among other things, defines the type of cheating that will not be tolerated.  The document -- obtained by TMZ -- lists the following:

-- sex outside the marriage
-- oral sex outside the marriage
-- kissing or making out
-- sexting
-- aggressive flirting
-- mutual masturbation
-- social media/grindr/dating

And it gets better.  According to the document, if either one has a situation where they're "in close range or contact with someone from our past or someone to be part of the future" ... the other can veto the contact.  Johnny specifically gives an example of a figure skater he dated.

The document also requires joint STD tests every 6 months with the results being read with both in the room.

And there's a section about splitting assets if they ultimately get divorced:  "Should a gift be given, i.e., the Cartier Roadster (R.I.P.), the gift belongs to you."  Someone broke the watch!

And finally ... there's a section titled "Ultimatums."   Johnny lists examples of Victor's ultimatums, including, "If I give you one more day to get your bank records to me, then I want to have a free f*** of anyone I want."

Simply fabulous.



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sick freaks

158 days ago

all about the money    

Victor....RUN while you can. Johnny is nuts and vindictive. Sounds like he needs you more than you need him.

158 days ago


These 2 give same sex-marriage a bad name

158 days ago


Do we really need the details?

158 days ago


Can these two get any more bizarre????

158 days ago


The institution of marriage has become a travesty. Oh, wait...

158 days ago


These people are trash. When I said I have no problem with gay marriage this is why other people like Juan Pablo do. Plus how controlling can a person be. Definitely don't like that.

158 days ago


Only the gays...

158 days ago


These guys are the epitome of the worst type of gays. They are such an embarrassment to the community. Just because you're gay doesn't mean you have to be fxckjng queens.

158 days ago

Shaken not stirred    

What a couple of freaks!

158 days ago


Enough on these drama queens. They should be ashamed of their dirty laundry airing out. I think its awesome that same sex couples can marry but these two should rethink their relationship. Its not going to work these two will flog the dead horse and each other until they stop getting attention. As for all the cheating, hand jobs and grinder...ewww Thank heavens they don't have kids it would just be messy and heartbreaking to see a kid caught up in their flaming drama. Please don't give them any more attention TMZ let them die of thirst. xx

158 days ago


This is just high school drama now. What a joke.

158 days ago


These two are out of their minds. If these are the measures that are being taken in order to stay together these two do NOT belong together. It's insane the things listed in these do***ents. I mean really it should just read that they are never ever allowed to leave the home without each other and are never allowed to be out of each others sight. They must walk around with their eyes closed at all times and will never be permitted to speak with another human being. What the hell does must not associate with anyone who could be part of their future mean!? When you have to go this far to find trust or outright CONTROL each other there is no longer any type of relationship left. There is no love left there. This whole situation is ridiculous. These two seriously need to go their separate ways. They are both acting like jealous crazies who simply want complete control of each other.

158 days ago


Come on TMZ, quit making this "fodder" for your site and give people a break. Do we really need to make these two "wack Jobs" news worthy?
I don't mind any one's life style choice, as a matter offf fact I believe anyone should be who they are , but do we really have to have our face rubbed in filth?

158 days ago


Really tmz? Do***ents is a dirty word? Do*****ents?

158 days ago
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