Johnny Weir Crying Fit Over Fabergé Egg

3/31/2014 3:11 PM PDT

Johnny Weir -- Crying Fit Over Fabergé Egg

Johnny Weir clashed with his husband's lawyer this weekend -- over the sale of their Fabergé egg and other fancy belongings -- and it got so emotional ... Johnny broke down in tears ... sources tell TMZ.

According to sources, Johnny met with Victor Voronov's lawyer Sunday at the NJ storage locker containing the ex-couple's $20,000 Fabergé egg, a bunch of Louis Vuitton luggage, and other pricey community property -- in order to determine how it would all be sold off in the wake of their divorce.

TMZ broke the story ... Johnny and Victor agreed to sell off their expensive community property and place the proceeds in a trust to be split at a later date.

Sources tell us, Johnny asked to take all the items and sell them himself, but Victor's lawyer refused to let that happen because he didn't trust Johnny to follow the rules. We're told the argument escalated so bad Johnny started to cry.

We're told it took Johnny and Victor's lawyer 6 hours to come to a compromise -- ultimately, Johnny walked away with the egg and his wedding ring, and Victor's lawyer walked away with the LV luggage and Victor's wedding ring.

We're told each party agreed to sell his portion and deposit the proceeds in a trust -- clearly the only trust left in their relationship.