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Bryan Singer

My Accuser Has Suspicious Selective Memory

Of Sexual Assault

4/18/2014 6:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 31-year-old man who is suing "X-Men" director Bryan Singer for allegedly sexually assaulting him in a swimming pool at a 1998 L.A. party claims he didn't remember the incident until recently ... yet he filed a lawsuit over the very same party in 2000 alleging sexual abuse against 3 other men and had a clear memory of what they did to him.

Michael Egan claims in his new lawsuit Singer forced oral sex at the party when he was 15.  He's very graphic, claiming Singer held his head underwater and forced him to orally copulate the director.

But TMZ has obtained the lawsuit Egan filed in 2000 against 3 men, including Marc Collins-Rector, who owned the party house.  Singer was NOT named in the suit and no reference is made to him.  Egan ended up getting a default judgment of more than $2 million, but we're told Collins-Rector and the others left the country so Egan got virtually nothing.

So fast forward to Wednesday, when Egan sued Singer.  At his news conference Thursday, Egan said he blocked the incident long ago and numbed himself with alcohol, but became sober recently and started therapy ... which unleashed a flood of bad memories involving Singer.

Sources connected to Singer tell TMZ ... they believe it's ridiculous Egan could remember the pool party in question in such vivid detail as to 3 other men but repress memories of Singer.




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If tis is all so common in HWood, why hasn't these pervs been busted and cleaned out of the industry wayy prior to this????

152 days ago


He's 31 yo. Now you are going to say something, 15+ years later. Go suck one dick weed, you deserve to be sued for wasting OUR time.

152 days ago


Why didn't LAPD do anything?


152 days ago


the egan guy is obviously gay..a sociopath, an opportunist and gold digger...

152 days ago


If Egan thinks he's unleashed some bad memories now that he is sober, he can look forward to LOTS MORE UGLY MEMORIES of what Singer's attorneys are going to put him through. And today's attack is just the first salvo. Egan, don't cancel any of your therapy sessions because you are going to need plenty to get through the **** storm heading your way.

152 days ago


Another one of his victims, the late Brad Renfro.

152 days ago


I'm convinced that to work at a certain level in Hollywood, most people have to put on moral blinders, telling themselves they're only collaborating as artists and not condoning private behavior. Or maybe they convince themselves they weren't there, so they can't make any judgments. But people who have no problem not only working with criminals like Roman Polanski or creepsters like Woody Allen, but also handing them awards or signing petitions for them have zero moral credibility. Just remember that the next time they try and tell you you're a bad person because you don't agree with their politics, you have traditional beliefs, you eat meat, or you don't fall for that global warming stuff. I might drive a gas guzzler, but at least I can say I haven't knowingly worked with a child molester or been to a cocaine-fueled party with underage sex slaves.

152 days ago


Rub a dub-dub. I wonder how many men and boys in this tub?

152 days ago


Lots of molestation victims dont say a word out of embarrassment or guilt that they did something wrong once they allowed it. I was at 5 and never told a soul till I was 23. It is very common to not say a word till you realize it is not your fault and okay to tell. In this case, he did tell right away. No one did anything. In my case. I just told my mom who did it and we just let it go. A victim normally will not speak of it as a child. They wait till they are older.

152 days ago


Bryan Singer is the new "Woody Allen"..

152 days ago


He says that a gun was put to his head but doesn't name by whom. He's Heterosexual, under Age and has a Mother who would have to sign/ agree to any Acting Gig he wanted or was promised. All those points makes me question why he's at these parties and pretty much his story.

152 days ago


I think Singer did this and more than likely other perverted things, but I also think that this accuser was more than happy to do whatever cuz Singer more than likely promised he'd be a star. He's just now realizing that he degraded himself for nothing. He was willing to do anything, but he got nowhere. Sour grapes. Unless other guys come forward these accusations mean nothing because Hollywood doesn't give a damn what successful gay and straight people do in their personal lives unless there is so much evidence that they are forced to take a stand. Disgusting industry. Alot of ugly men who could never get laid until they became SOMEBODY forcing the shoe on many other foots.

152 days ago


if you tell the truth then you don't have to remeber.a lie!

152 days ago

rikki the gay agenda parties these are the ones I never get invited to....

I was waiting for him to play the "repressed the memory but its all coming back to me know" card....all these douches are the same.

152 days ago


Ever wonder why the other guys left the country. How do you let a convicted sex offender walk around with a valid passport right after a 4 million dollar judgement was just handed down to him?? So it's no wonder if the FBI did not investigate this they clearly have no experience thinking outside the box when it comes to us lil normal folks or protecting us.

152 days ago
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