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NeNe Leakes

I'm on Team Porsha

Kenya Deserved Beatdown

4/20/2014 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

042014_nene_leakes_launch_v2The battle lines have been drawn ... "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star NeNe Leakes says she's totes team Porsha Williams -- because Kenya Moore provoked her way into an attack.

NeNe was heading out at L.A.X. Saturday when our camera guy asked whose side she's on -- Porsha Williams or Kenya -- and NeNe didn't hold back.

As we previously reported ... Porsha and Kenya got into a full-on bitch fight last month while filming. Porsha was charged with assault and took the most glam mug shot ever while turning herself in.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Nerilla would have to be on poorsha because her jealousy of Kenya her verocious pure jealousy. Nerilla should be brought up on attempted murder with those man hands over porsha nose and mouth trying to shut up poorsha from implicating she and phadrea in this attack.

188 days ago


Nobody deserves a beatdown you chunt, especially a women

188 days ago


This is one of the most butt ugly, big mouthed monkeeys I have ever seen. Leave it to TMZ to keep this bitch in the news. YAWN!

188 days ago


I have a hard time believing that anyone watching the show all season, has a problem with Porsha hitting Kenya. Kenya is dirty , violated her space, slandered Porsha and other castmates. Kenya got what she deserved and asked for. Porsha should not be fired.

188 days ago


Porscha DRAGGED that arse. Thank you Porscha! My mom thanks you...Phaedra thanks you...all my friends thank you...Nene thanks you... 😁

188 days ago


OK, I just watched the video again. Kenya was yelling to Kenya, "Get fired, get fired", before and after Porsha lost it. So clearly Kenya thought that thed NO Fight policy would do two things, provoke her real targts, NeNe and Phaedra into hitting her and getting them fired or two getting them so pissed, they would lose it and ruin their reputations. Kenyna could not get to her real targets, so she went into overtime taunting Porsha, where she was the most vulnerable, and pushed Porsha into a nervous breakdown. Kenya is evil and should be fired. Porsha was hospitalized over her divorce and Kenya used that as a knockout punch but it backfired. Kenya got what she was begging for.

188 days ago


I do not care for NeNe either. Her opinion means nothing like her friendships (smiles). I like Kenya but kenya was wrong and most people would have done the same as Porsha. Someone sticking Props up in your face and then the bull horn. I would have taken the wand from her and stuffed it were the sun don't shine thats right Kenya. The funny part is Kenya was pointing things at Kenya but Porsha beat her

187 days ago

marilyn johnson    

Nene Has a lot of nerve to say kenya provoked that girl and she deserver that . how many times did she provoked Kim how many times did she get up in her face, if thats the case then she need a beat dowm her self. boop welll

187 days ago


I have noticed that ever since NeNe made it to Hollywood, she has chilled out. She is very much aware that negative PR hurts your reputation with potential producers. That's why she didn't take Kenya's bait. I find it interesting that now Kenya is on The Apprentice. She is following NeNe's footsteps. I'm sure Dancing With The Stars will be next.

187 days ago


Ok Really this is old. Its sad to see and hear that all these grown ass women having not class. Yet they want to make the lower class look like dirt. Well here we have a ****e successful bad ass lawyer, a badass super hot model, a fabulour singer and intelligent business owner and what the **** you have to say????? they are ****e worse than a cracked out whoe on well fare. and they said thing is youall stupid asses entertain it.

186 days ago


I'm really disgusted at those saying Kenya deserved what she got. Although i don't always agree with some of her actions, phaedra and nene acted disgraceful to the point where it makes me sick to my stomach. Nobody should ever gloat about someone not being able to have children, because some people can't and just cause kenya isnt the best person it doesnt mean she shouldnt be allowed to bare a child. Real Christian people Dont say stuff like that or throw stones at glass houses. Shes acting all prim and propper while her husband is a convict whom she knew was involved in criminal activity. Identity theft is serious, i can't believe people are praising her especially since she lives such a crooked life. Furthermore Apollo is even more wrong than Kenya, most of the time it's him flirting with her acting thirsty, and i think he made some of the stuff up about Kenya just to give himself a storyline. I mean how could she break what was already broken? He was already in strip-clubs before Kenya, and real husbands Dont do that. Lastly nene lies so much it's pathetic.. She caused the train-wreck she called couples night, the moment Kenya walked in she was ready for war and asked a shady question just to get Natalie an kenya fired up. Then she's supper arrogant always talking about money, but if she was so damn rich she wouldn't be on a damn reality show. Lets not mention how disgusting it was for her to treat the host bad saying..."What do you want me to do his your ass?" They just need to cancel the show cause IM tired of us black people looking bad.

174 days ago

I don't think so    

It's refreshing to come to a Website where you can comment and seeing so many people who are not using gutter language to make a point and not condoning NeNe or Porsha's behavior.
I saw Nene on DWTS - her outfits were stunning, it was just such a pity that that she had to wear them.

149 days ago
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