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Nic Cage

Baby Mama & Son Slapped with Eviction Notice

Pay Up & Get Out!

4/23/2014 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family that stiffs the landlord together, gets evicted together -- just ask Nic Cage's ex-GF and their son Weston ... whose landlord is suing to give 'em the boot, TMZ has learned.

The landlord, John R. Gifford, filed court docs to force Weston and his mom, Christina Fulton, out of their West Hollywood home ... because Gifford claims they stopped paying the $6k/month rent back in December.

Gifford says he served them an eviction notice in January, and gave them 3 days to pay up or get the hell out. Guess which one they chose?

Gifford is suing, not only for eviction ... but for the $12,000 in past-due rent.

We've reached out to Cage and Fulton ... so far, no response.


No Avatar

Eye roll     

Who cares... REALLY???

191 days ago


Why doesn't Weston just pay it off using all that money made from... ummmm... errrr... yeah.

191 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

He's an adult! It reads like Cage isn't paying his baby mama and spawn and the kid is an adult! Pay your bills or move to somewhere you can!

191 days ago


U can buy a small house with 6k a month

190 days ago

Roberik 22    

Of course this story doesn't sound right if you can't pay any money of course the landlord will evict. But if she was "paying $6g" for the place, she needs to look for something more affordable like the rest of us. Plus shouldn't her son have a job? And be out of the house by now? But I'm sure there's more to this than what has been said.

190 days ago


They all seem creepy to me

190 days ago

boo boo    

Are you really a "baby mama" when your kid is a full grown man?

190 days ago


Dude, you’re a grown ****ing man. Stop being such a loser and move out of your mommy’s place.

190 days ago


Why do these hollywood baby mammas think that just because you spread your legs for a star a few times back in the day that said star is supposed to support you AND your GROWN son for the rest of your lives??!?? I just don't get it. Maybe Nic Cage doesn't want to be saddled with you and your son until the day he dies... did it ever occur to you to perhaps try to latch onto another penis with a wallet before you completely hit the wall? Or oh yea- do it like the rest of us do- GET A REAL JOB!

190 days ago


I seriously thought Weston was dead. Didn't he like OD & die a couple months ago? Guess not. C'mon Peaches, get with the script... Then we just gotta read stories about your skanky mom.

190 days ago


Bahahaa well nick can't help he's broke

190 days ago


Judging by some of the hateful comments, seems some people on here are bored and need to find someone to bully. Ironically none of the commenters have started their own campaign to help stop bullying, but oh, wait, yes someone has, the PERSON EVERYONE ON HERE IS NOW BULLYING?

189 days ago


There is nothing in the article that says that they can't afford to pay the rent on their 6k home. It just saying that they didn't pay it. There also nothing in the article stating that they expecting Nick to pay it. Nic stop paying child support a long time ago.

189 days ago


First off Wes doesn't live with his mom, they don't talk and haven't for a year. Wes and his wife have their own home. Nic Cage also talks to Wes everyday and would always help his son if that was the case, he never once didn't help out. Wes is also alive and well, the past his behind him.

189 days ago


Huff Post did a funny Nic Cage article

187 days ago
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